People Are Sharing What Famous Brands’ Slogans Should Be If They Were Honest (35 Pics)

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Companies spend big bucks to make us remember them. They put billboards along the roads, run commercials during the Super Bowl, and have celebrities posting their products on social media. But whatever message they’re trying to send, ultimately it’s the relationship we have with them that matters.

A few days ago, Reddit user NotANameReally posted a question on the platform: “If brands were brutally honest, what brand would have what slogan?” And people responded. From IKEA and YouTube to Nike and Google, no business was safe. Continue scrolling and check out their poetic truth bombs. They’re grrrrrrreat!

#1 Internet Explorer

Image credits: belgarath1987

NotANameReally said the idea to ask this question wasn’t that spotaneous. “[I thought of it] sitting down, trying to come up with something to post that would make people think, enjoy reading, and replying to,” the Reddit user told Bored Panda.

According to them, the discussion that followed was a really pleasant one. “Every reply seemed very relatable to everyone, including me. My favorites were all the funny Comcast comments and the Taco Bell comment by Ferrrociousb. It said, “Taco Bell: you can make 32 different things with those 5 ingredients, why mess with perfection?”


Image credits: thwgrandpigeon

#3 Friskies

Image credits: Possible-Drummer-225

Communications and Outreach Team Leader at Creatopy, Diana Bolboaca, likes to think of a brand like a person. So if its logo is like its face, a slogan is like its voice. It either catches your attention and speaks to you or you can’t really understand what it is blabbering about.

“You know how important first impressions are,” Bolboaca wrote. “[But] not all big brands have catchy slogans, though, while some of them create a new one for each major campaign. So no, having a catchy tagline or slogan is not the cornerstone of success and … you don’t need to hit the nail right on the head the first time.”

#4 Facebook

Image credits: Ace_Wiccan

#5 The Simpsons

Image credits: TricksterPriestJace

“But having a catchy slogan up your sleeve is undoubtedly a great way to cut corners when approaching your audience, and a useful tool in your arsenal when it’s time to get creative,” Bolboaca explained.

The creative said that slogans are meant to persuade and act as a shadow identity of a brand while promoting a specific product or service—a genuinely successful slogan is also a long-term commitment. A good slogan is memorable, positive, and sets its brand apart as well as highlights its benefits.

#6 Twitter

Image credits: Freshmasta85

#7 Trojan

Image credits: Bmkiesel

From a consumer point of view, NotANameReally thinks slogans need to be honest to let us know what the business is about instead of being vague or straight up lying but being too open might bring hatred towards the company or a massive loss of consumers that they used to have before. So they need to be balanced.

#8 Nike

Image credits: EllvaStarsong

#9 Hot Pockets

Image credits: Efficient_Bank871

#10 Teslaadd__700.jpg"/>

Image credits: hucksire

#11 Instant Ramen

Image credits: Bentzsco

#12 WebMD

Image credits: danngree

#13 Instagram

Image credits: They0848

#14 Q-Tips

Image credits: thoawaydatrash

#15 Gilette Woman

Image credits: cyberpunkfrog

#16 Ryanair

Image credits: PropellerHead15

#17 UPS

Image credits: Firthmaxia

#18 Starbucks

Image credits: Sadlycoris

#19 Reddit

Image credits: silentxxkilla

#20 Youtube

Image credits: Chris-1235

#21 Altoids

Image credits: CM_UW

#22 Target

Image credits: Kayyne

#23 Bing

Image credits: uvero

#24 Disney

Image credits: alpaca1yps

#25 Amazon

Image credits: Saybrooke

#26 Google

Image credits: theGuyInIT

#27 Applebee’s

Image credits: SSSS_car_go

#28 Walmart

Image credits: refreshing_username

#29 Wish

Image credits: pedro_mc

#30 Mountain Dew

Image credits: Nacho_Beardre

#31 Yellow Pages

Image credits: CM_UW

#32 Apple

Image credits: LATER4LUS

#33 Adblocker

Image credits: Harleye

#34 Gap Kids

Image credits: pighalf

#35 Drano

Image credits: IrishUpstart

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