For weeks now we have endured the pedantic calls for the impeachment of President Trump because of the way he strong-armed an allied nation. He “threatened” Ukraine 8 times! (That story disappeared.) He leveraged a quid pro quo! (What happened to that accusation?) He forced a country to investigate aRead More →

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann apologized — in a really canned way — for naming a “pea-brained scumbag” hunter who shot a white turkey and calling on his followers “to make sure the rest of his life is a living hell.” Olbermann’s apology, however, totally overlooked the “nitwit clown” of a reporter whom heRead More →

Hello, I&#8217m U&#287ur and My home is Poultry. I&#8217m attempting to show the key issues the planet is facing, for example social injustice and war, by putting two pictures side-by-side inside a single frame. Using this method, I wish to demonstrate the contrasts backward and forward different worlds we resideRead More →