TikTok videos showing footage of Brian Laundrie’s mother being harassed over her son’s suspected involvement in the disapperance of Instagram influencer Gabby Petito by a Fox News digital team has gone viral—highlighting the increased attention the case has been garnering in recent days. The videos, coming courtesy of the @nerdyaddictRead More →

In a video posted on Reddit, a Karen—whose real name is Jessica—is seen yelling at a man, calling him “illegal,” and assuming he can’t speak English. She calls the police on him because he is recording her. “You Mexicans are going to learn your lesson,” she yells at the camera.Read More →

A TikToker has been getting attention for filming her stalker of four years, detailing the incidents with him, and explaining how police were slow to help her.  https://www.tiktok.com/@loreboree/video/7007097445532454149?_d=secCgYIASAHKAESPgo8cy9n1tag7zEinK57ay1h729NQ8tku0kKx%2BLH2VIPvrTtyb2NksguPidE3nHu%2FTbSvfBdFMpqJf5AWw9TGgA%3D&checksum=33df185f8d6159b21cada1227fc4f7da3423036a3791f7875f4e937451e358fb&language=en&preview_pb=0&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAAiGlf5kWR_bkxL4NUswUaYEFrTSSkvho1LfvuPiIolI90cGbjDI8lhaNk_qvK12p4&share_app_id=1233&share_item_id=7007097445532454149&share_link_id=016975E1-7104-49E5-9673-1165D4A4AF3F&source=h5_m&timestamp=1631967180&tt_from=copy&u_code=dbgcc799lddb6h&user_id=6809297842311037958&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=ios&utm_source=copy&_r=1&is_copy_url=0&is_from_webapp=v1&sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6974112409276761606 Her bio reads “Girl w the stalker” under her current account @loreboree. Her previous account with 250,000 followers got taken down, andRead More →

Union busting is a notorious part of American history. Union busting refers to companies attempting to discourage or interfere when workers organize to negotiate for higher wagers, better working conditions, and the like. Amazon has been criticized for its alleged union busting activities in recent years. Now a TikToker claimsRead More →

A recent TikTok that shows a man hitting a woman’s parked car in order to get her to move out of his way has gone viral.  https://www.tiktok.com/@juicyy_boottyy/video/7006068593234431238?_d=secCgYIASAHKAESPgo8xIXy2rvue67qDebvWK%2F5R%2F7NSn3XONHzMXvSwJLYDNaEcjN9qKVDc8fNEBMY1AgD0Jlg%2F%2FyIt0H9rjJLGgA%3D&checksum=86f2de7dd9f11a86ed42e325ae21e715188112bca626b80e9dd24ad01e8b94f1&language=en&preview_pb=0&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAAiGlf5kWR_bkxL4NUswUaYEFrTSSkvho1LfvuPiIolI90cGbjDI8lhaNk_qvK12p4&share_app_id=1233&share_item_id=7006068593234431238&share_link_id=C6484F41-F30B-4324-9FEF-B5772CEF49C0&source=h5_m&timestamp=1631560122&tt_from=copy&u_code=dbgcc799lddb6h&user_id=6809297842311037958&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=ios&utm_source=copy&_r=1&is_copy_url=0&is_from_webapp=v1&sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6974112409276761606 TikToker Shelby Gale (@juicyy_boottyy) filmed the incident and subsequent argument which took place in Tacoma, Washington, and posted it on Friday. The videoRead More →

In a viral video, @littlehellion86 praised Whataburger for staying open during a tropical storm but TikTok commenters criticized the working conditions. The 5-second video has amassed over 242,000 views and 14,000 likes since posting 14 hours ago, and shows a long drive-thru line at Texas fast-food chain Whataburger apparently amidRead More →

A TikTok mom is raising eyebrows after sharing her unconventional method of punishing her young son, which some viewers are calling “traumatizing.” “My 5-year-old doesn’t want to listen in school,” Katarina Rodriguez said in a nearly one minute video shared to the social media platform last week. “Where he makesRead More →

TikTok user @rhivnnnon posted a video on Friday in which she claimed that while she was traveling, a Transportation Security Administration agent stopped her and searched her vagina because she was wearing a menstrual pad. https://www.tiktok.com/@rhivnnnon/video/7005962565155147013?is_copy_url=0&is_from_webapp=v1&sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=7006320911265039878 The video’s caption says, “And they thought it’d be ok to check that areaRead More →

In a TikTok posted on Aug. 28, @shraigluv alleges that a karaoke bar in Texas discriminated against her and her friends because of their race by charging hundreds of dollars for a table. The video shows Shenise Anderson, a TikToker with nearly 350,000 followers, outside of Sing Karaoke Bar andRead More →