Jan. 20, 2021 was the end of an era for QAnon. Without former President Donald Trump in the White House, many wondered what would come of the conspiracy theory that the world is controlled by an international cabal of Satanists who rape and eat children. Simultaneously, the supposed government insider,Read More →

Far-right activist and “Stop the Steal” leader Ali Alexander, formerly Ali Akbar, made oblique references on Telegram to QAnon, possibly signaling a dive into the far-right conspiracy theory. On Telegram, Alexander made a lengthy post about the number 17. The number 17 correlates to the 17th letter of the alphabet,Read More →

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has seemingly leapt to the defense of QAnon, the far-right conspiracy theory that helped fuel the violent riot in the nation’s capital this month. During a segment on his primetime show Monday evening, Carlson pushed back on growing concern over the fringe movement by arguingRead More →

Facebook’s QAnon problem is no secret—while other social media platforms have attempted to ban the conspiracy theory, Facebook has done little to curb its popularity. And a breakdown of Facebook’s trending posts from Tuesday shows the influence this conspiracy community has in shaping conversation on the site. Every weekday, NewRead More →