Analysis The recent cottagecore-inspired trend of loose, throwback ’70s dresses upset some people. But while critics see it as a conservative, repressive trend, fuelled by recent attacks on women’s bodily autonomy and sexual freedom, others think it’s really not that deep—and moreover that framing it as such is typical whiteRead More →

Welcome to the Friday edition of Internet Insider, where we dissect the week online. Today: The original Spider-Man movie lives on in memesThe John Mulaney Twitter discourse won’t dieThe original Blue’s Clues host is making millennials emotional Sign up to receive this newsletter in your inbox. BREAK THE INTERNET People keep memeing the original ‘Spider-Man’ The ninth Spider-ManRead More →

“I’m gonna be real with you,” begins a recent Instagram post from trans meme account @Autogyniphiles_Anonymous, “TERFs and @instagram have completely squashed our ability to make kind, thoughtful, or investigative posts.” (TERF stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminists, also known as transphobic feminists.) Created in 2019, @Autogyniphiles_Anonymous is run by threeRead More →

You figured Lil Nas X would break the internet again somehow. Performing controversial pop single “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” overnight on Saturday Night Live, the 22-year-old rap outsider did just that when, during a performance-culminating pole dance, his leather pants reportedly tore. He saved face by (1) suggestivelyRead More →

An anti-Trump meme depot has delivered yet another wild photo, showing a “Vaccinated by the Lord” card that’s apparently been produced and passed around by anti-vaccine, COVID-denying evangelists. It was shared by “Maggie,” who runs the @Stop_Trump20 meme handle. It boasts 160,000-plus followers. (The Daily Dot has reached out forRead More →

Over the years, Twitter’s algorithm for cropping photos on its website and app has turned into something of an art. At times, it allowed an unintentional mashup or prompted you to “open for a surprise,” but it was also a faulty algorithm that allowed racial bias on where it croppedRead More →