The first Eternals trailer is pretty enigmatic, but it does introduce new fans to the basic concept of the film: The Eternals are a group of immortal, superpowered aliens who settled on Earth thousands of years ago. And they chose not to interfere in human affairs… until now. That “untilRead More →

Marvel loves MacGuffin-based storytelling. A significant portion of the MCU revolves around the Infinity Stones, a series of props that rarely hold much emotional weight. Of course, MacGuffins don’t have to be interesting in themselves. That’s kind of the point. But right now, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier isRead More →

For decades, Marvel, like many comics publishers, has relied on a single company to distribute comics. But, as DC Comics did last year, Marvel is now turning to another publisher to get its comics out to comic book stores. Marvel announced Thursday that it signed a multi-year, exclusive deal withRead More →