A group of Karens got the “Cersei Lannister treatment” after they allegedly complained about a Black lesbian couple at a hotel pool in Sacramento.  The group allegedly became irate after witnessing the two women kiss, citing the presence of children at the hotel pool area. A video captured how theRead More →

These days, it seems a fresh Karen is around every corner. More often than not, the viral videos featuring Karen sightings will end in frustration, but such is not the case with TikToker @Devdatdude15’s recent upload. @Devdatdude15, who goes by “bowtiedev” on his TikTok page, uploaded the thoroughly satisfying KarenRead More →

Another problematic so-called “Karen” has gone viral in a video showing her racist tirade after being kicked out of a bar in Birmingham, England, this past weekend. After she was being removed from an area pub, bouncer Tristan Price later shared screengabs of the exchange to his Facebook page. Price’sRead More →

Police in Massachusetts are reportedly looking for a woman who was caught on camera throwing an iced coffee at a teen worker’s head. The 18-year-old shift manager at the Dunkin’ location, Emma Dionne, told WHDH that the customer was apparently upset that one of the several drinks she ordered didn’tRead More →

A recent viral video shows a Black man calling out a gentrification Karen for, he says, blocking off a whole street in New Orleans for a permit-less party.  The video is a microcosm of the city’s ongoing gentrification and white privilege. “Why weren’t we notified that you were going to shutRead More →