In a video posted on Reddit, a Karen—whose real name is Jessica—is seen yelling at a man, calling him “illegal,” and assuming he can’t speak English. She calls the police on him because he is recording her. “You Mexicans are going to learn your lesson,” she yells at the camera.Read More →

A recent TikTok that shows a man hitting a woman’s parked car in order to get her to move out of his way has gone viral. TikToker Shelby Gale (@juicyy_boottyy) filmed the incident and subsequent argument which took place in Tacoma, Washington, and posted it on Friday. The videoRead More →

A group of Karens got the “Cersei Lannister treatment” after they allegedly complained about a Black lesbian couple at a hotel pool in Sacramento.  The group allegedly became irate after witnessing the two women kiss, citing the presence of children at the hotel pool area. A video captured how theRead More →

These days, it seems a fresh Karen is around every corner. More often than not, the viral videos featuring Karen sightings will end in frustration, but such is not the case with TikToker @Devdatdude15’s recent upload. @Devdatdude15, who goes by “bowtiedev” on his TikTok page, uploaded the thoroughly satisfying KarenRead More →