Prominent conservatives appear to be trolling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) by spearheading a donation campaign for her grandmother. Matt Walsh, a host for conservative Ben Shapiro’s news outlet the Daily Wire, revealed in a tweet on Friday that he had launched a GoFundMe campaign to aid the congresswoman’s relative. TheRead More →

Facebook will be ending an exemption politicians on the platform received that largely shielded them from the same content moderation rules that are applied to other users, according to numerous reports. The move from the social media giant comes after the company’s Oversight Board, an independent group of hand-picked journalists,Read More →

Sometimes it feels like we’ll never escape the discourse around Disney‘s “first” gay character. As Dani Di Placido pointed out in Forbes last week, we’ve already seen seven (debatable) firsts already, including a blink-and-you’ll-miss-them couple in The Rise of Skywalker and Josh Gad’s infamous role in Beauty and the Beast.Read More →

Last year, it looked like a TikTok ban was a real possibility. Former President Donald Trump’s crusade against the wildly popular app turned into a months-long feud between the United States, China, and TikTok. But now, things appear murky at best under the new administration in the White House. GivenRead More →

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An anti-Trump meme depot has delivered yet another wild photo, showing a “Vaccinated by the Lord” card that’s apparently been produced and passed around by anti-vaccine, COVID-denying evangelists. It was shared by “Maggie,” who runs the @Stop_Trump20 meme handle. It boasts 160,000-plus followers. (The Daily Dot has reached out forRead More →

A group of cybercriminals have begun leaking what it claims to be internal law enforcement files after Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department was targeted with ransomware last month. In a post on the dark web Tuesday, the Babuk ransomware gang alleged that negotiations had “reached a dead end” after decliningRead More →