The Daily Beast is facing intense backlash over an op-ed that claims members from the “dirtbag left”—a collection of leftist podcasters and Twitter personalities—are cozying up with right-wing extremists. The roughly 4,500-word article posits that leftist media personalities are legitimizing and even adopting far-right views. The piece’s author, Alexander ReidRead More →

Far-right activist and “Stop the Steal” leader Ali Alexander, formerly Ali Akbar, made oblique references on Telegram to QAnon, possibly signaling a dive into the far-right conspiracy theory. On Telegram, Alexander made a lengthy post about the number 17. The number 17 correlates to the 17th letter of the alphabet,Read More →

An internal war has broken out among Nicholas Fuentes’ white nationalist “groyper” army, with one of the far-right organization’s most senior leaders, Patrick Casey, breaking from it. The apparent growing rift comes as the groyper army plans to hold its annual America First PAC (AFPAC) conference in Orlando, Florida. CaseyRead More →