A woman was in disbelief after her McDonald’s delivery order came with an unexpected surprise.  The woman, Suzie, explains in a now-viral TikTok video how she ordered her food through the delivery app DoorDash so that it would be sent straight to her home. After picking up her dinner, though,Read More →

After starring in a recent photo shoot for her sister’s Valentine’s Day lingerie line, Kendall Jenner has come under fire for the alleged digital altering of her body in the pictures. Almost as soon as the photographs went online, Twitter and Instagram commenters were calling out the seemingly unnatural proportionsRead More →

Singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has found herself yet again addressing comments regarding her appearance after a photo of her in a tank top went viral on social media. In the fourth installment of her “time capsule” interview for Vanity Fair, the Grammy award-winning singer opened up about the body-shaming comments sheRead More →