A video that surfaced on Reddit on Monday shows a “Karen” refusing wear a mask for fear of smudging her lipstick. The video’s surprise ending had viewers living vicariously through the waitress. Deciding that she’s not being paid enough to deal with anti-maskers, the waitress flings off her cap andRead More →

A frequent flyer among anti-vax and COVID-19 denying “Karens” is back at it. This time, she filmed herself chasing down a nurse and questioning her about coronavirus patients outside of a hospital. For months, Instagram user @monique_leal86 has posted videos to her page claiming to expose the “fake” COVID-19 pandemic.Read More →

A video posted online shows an anti-mask Karen berating a Dunkin’ employee and making herself look foolish while trying to order an iced coffee. The video, posted by popular Twitter user @davenewworld_2, shows the woman trying to order at a counter, except she isn’t wearing a mask. The Dunkin’ employeeRead More →