Senior adviser to Bernie Sanders tweets GIF of Jeremy Corbyn dancing on Margaret Thatcher’s grave

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Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party and also a raging anti-Semite, has been making some pals on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Corbyn in April and alleges she shared her “concerns about how the Labour Party is perceived in terms of anti-Semitism,” having some experience with that perception in her own party.

Corbyn also shared a phone call with Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in February and they bonded over their desire to take on the billionaires. No mention if Ocasio-Cortez happened to mention Corbyn’s anti-Semitism.

We supposed socialists will forgive each other for anything, and Mediaite noted that a senior political adviser to Bernie Sanders (and a former adviser to the Women’s March) posted an animated GIF showing Corbyn dancing on Margaret Thatcher’s grave.

Jeremy Corbyn's gonna to be the next PM of England. Thats gonna be so much fun.

— Winifred (@WaywardWinifred) May 26, 2019

Yeah, so much fun.

This is the product of a deeply diseased mind.

(You know . . . a socialist.)

— J.G. Petruna (@jgpetruna) May 27, 2019

You're exactly the kind of person I'd expect a Bernie advisor to be.

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) May 27, 2019

— Mel (@melarowa_) May 26, 2019

No. No he isn’t.

— Tom Blenkinsop (@TomBlenkinsop) May 27, 2019

Who are these people Sanders has surrounded himself with?

— Amy Shaw (@AYS1960) May 27, 2019

Reflections of himself. Remember that.

— KCTaz (@KCTaz) May 27, 2019

Sanders is really recruiting top tier political advisors, who apparently think that a party getting decimated in all its normally safest seats is a sign of strength.

— Graham (@ScienceOMFG) May 27, 2019

Bodes well.

— CloudFactory (@Row_Boat_Cop) May 27, 2019

Hi @WaywardWinifred: Corbyn can't be the next prime minister of England, firstly because England doesn't have a prime minister; but more importantly because this is how well Labour is doing under Corbyn. Do you see the red? That's the constituencies Labour won.

— Idrees Ahmad (@im_PULSE) May 27, 2019

“PM of England” 😳

— Jeffrey Royer (@JeffreyRoyer) May 27, 2019

1) There is no such post as "Prime Minister of England"2) Labour were slaughtered in the EU elections.

In all other respects, spot on.

— Chris Faux (@Chr1sF1) May 27, 2019

His party has been smashed two elections in a row, putting off huge swathes of the electorate. I don't know how you came to the conclusion that he'd win the next GE.

— Andy Okay in Spanish (@AndyVale) May 27, 2019

You don't know how numbers work, do you?

— Jeff Fecke (@jkfecke) May 26, 2019

It is amazing to me how you Bernie folks are so committed to re-electing Trump.

— Jonathan Franks (@jonfranks) May 27, 2019

This is amazing

— Young Geno 🌹🐶 🐕 (@MathematicalWon) May 26, 2019

For one thing, the Conservative Party is still in power. Without a snap election, they aren't going anywhere. They'll pick their new leader by the end of July and that person will be the next PM.

— Miguel Rodriguez (@friarpuck) May 27, 2019

Are you high?

— Jim Harris (@jimoutoffaf) May 27, 2019

Let us repeat: senior political adviser to Bernie Sanders.

— just gabriel (@presidentgabe) May 27, 2019

— Hoff-mann Hoff-amazing (@OriginalBad) |1e7d79d190e96ede8fdc510e157add9b|

This is a bad tweet. Here for the ratio.

— Jeffrey Lazarus (@jlazarus001) May 27, 2019

I'd think this was ironic but…..

— Sue Horsley (@SueHorsley7) May 27, 2019

A "political advisor" who knows nothing about politics.1. England is part of the UK. It doesn't have a PM of its own2. Corbyn can't be PM while his party isn't in government3. Europe is not the UK European elections do not elect the UK PM4. That GIF is tasteless and offensive

— Carmine de Carabas (@CarmineCarabas) May 27, 2019

I am no fan of Thatcher but this is absolutely pathetic and offensive and probably very wrong. Sanders campaign is a faint shadow of the campaign I supported in early 2016.

— Gullibility is the Sine QAnon (@psychopompology) May 27, 2019

Not sure where to start with so much ignorance.

— MrsLovesToRead 📙☕📙 (@PatriciasBooks) May 27, 2019

Great hire, Bernie.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jeremy Corbyn want to team up to take on billionaires

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) February 4, 2019

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