Small kitten rescued from drainage pipe A kind group of people save a small cute kitten from a drainage pipe and reunite it with its mother. The post Tiny Kitten Rescued From Drainage Pipe appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Read more: viralviralvideos.comRead More →

Jonathon Morgan, Chief executive officer from the cybersecurity firm New Understanding, accepted Tuesday he engaged in social media manipulation like the Russian government&rsquos interference within the 2016 U. S. election. Morgan&rsquos company released research now that demonstrated Russian disinformation campaigns heavily targeted African-American voters in 2016, as well as conservativeRead More →

Hoverboard Fail Ends With a Messed Up Christmas Tree Here we have a great example of why you shouldn’t use a hoverboard while you’re drunk. In this video we get to see what happens when you do exactly that. A couple gets home after a night out drinking and goRead More →

Fans from the popular DreamWorks animated series&nbspVoltron: Legendary Defender are petitioning for additional queer representation. The show&#8217s final season, open to stream on Netflix, incorporated a bare nod to LGBTQ fans within the epilogue. For any show initially thought by fans is the exception towards the rule, this came likeRead More →

Dealing with loss and grief is among the very most difficult things to pass through in existence, specially when someone not far from you has died in a tragically youthful age. Hilton Patton from Edmonton, Alberta, made the decision that the easiest method to recognition his late brother Boston endedRead More →

Everybody handles monotony differently. Many people continue Facebook. Others create art. But couple of can rival Twitter user @stabbyloki, who shoved a stuffed shark right into a scanner and demonstrated the web the outcomes. Behold. from monotony i made the decision to scan a stuffed shark. listed here are theRead More →