Video of vegan activists defacing an Australian Kentucky Fried Chicken has people frustrated on behalf of the workers that had to deal with them. The footage was initially shared by @thevganbooty on TikTok, who captioned her own video “crazy vegan pours blood everywhere in KFC.” It’s unclear why she wroteRead More →

A TikTok creator is bringing attention to the practice of “nursing doses,” sparking discussion about the ethics of giving a patient more medicine than prescribed. Creator @allietellsherstory shared a video critiquing comments and “jokes” made by other users claiming to be nurses, asking for someone to explain why it wasRead More →

We all know there’s a lot of TikTok food trends, and Trader Joe’s is arguably one of the most recommended places for people on the app to buy their groceries.  But these trendy new recipes that use ingredients unique to Trader Joe’s have an effect on the store. Earlier thisRead More →

Welcome to the Friday edition of Internet Insider, where we dissect the week online. Today: Cosby and Franco cases put Me Too back in the spotlightEminem’s ‘My Mom’ soundtracks some wild stories Elvis Costello defends Olivia Rodrigo  Sign up to receive this newsletter in your inbox. BREAK THE INTERNET High-profile cases put Me TooRead More →