It doesn’t seem possible that we’re still writing about Benghazi SO MANY years after the fact, but considering many Americans feel no real justice has been served we imagine we’ll continue to see it popping up. Especially when Hillary Clinton isn’t bright enough to wander back off into the woods]]Read More →

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is being challenged online by director Scott Z. Burns after claiming that The Report is a work of “fiction.” The incident began on Friday when Pompeo, who served as CIA director from 2017 to 2018, criticized the Amazon-made movie. The film centers around the CIA’s useRead More →

Zac Efron was reportedly airlifted to a hospital in Australia after contracting “a form of typhoid similar to a bacterial infection” while filming a documentary in Papua New Guinea: Actor Zac Efron was reportedly rushed to the hospital before Christmas after he got a deathly infection. — New York DailyRead More →

So sad!! While watching Mrs. Doubtfire and enjoying a plate of leftovers, Jessie J got sentimental about her recent breakup with Channing Tatum. As we previously reported, the couple called it quits recently after just over a year of dating. Related: Apparently, Channing Is Already Looking To Date Again AndRead More →