Leave it to President Trump to find an opportunity like this to ‘roast’ Adam Schiff. It really is perfect and you KNOW Schiff’s eyes bugged out a little more if he heard or saw this. Watch. Pres. Trump says Bread and Butter, turkeys vying for Thanksgiving pardon, have "already receivedRead More →

There’s an abundance of strange but thoroughly excellent content on TikTok, and the latest to arise is a video of a priest performing a baptism. It might not seem strange until you consider that the priest was baptizing… a “Baby Yoda” doll? The video is pure, simple, and aggressively 2019.Read More →

Most Americans spent Thanksgiving visiting with family, eating way too much, watching football, and being thankful for the many things in their lives. You know, normal Thanksgiving ‘stuff.’ But not the media. Nope. They were far too busy taking dunks on the president and writing garbage stories about how heRead More →

As we told you earlier, President Trump and VP Mike Pence hosted a very special guest at the White House today: 'Great day for America'! Trump hosts Conan, the hero dog who chased down al-Baghdadi, to the WH (and warns press not to open their mouths) [pics, video] https://t.co/sZFzfsIiZy —Read More →

In some seasons, a New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons prime-time matchup on Thanksgiving would be a hotly anticipated showdown. This year, not so much. Despite some close games and a recent unexpected loss, the Saints remain at the top of the NFC South at 9-2. This year, Drew BreesRead More →