As Twitchy reported all the way back in 2015, the Venezuelan national guard was called in to hold back groups of people from getting into a grocery store, where the shelves were empty anyway — it even inspired the Twitter hashtag, #AnaquelesVaciosEnVenezuela, “empty shelves in Venezuela. Those images of bread lines]]Read More →

Jared Padalecki, best known for his roles in Gilmore Girls and Supernatural, was arrested for assaulting employees at his downtown Austin bar on Sunday. The affidavit for his arrest states Padalecki was intoxicated when he got into a verbal argument with his employees at Stereotype, one of the two bars he owns in Austin,Read More →

The House held a vote today on a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide. House passes resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide with a vote of 405-11 — Haley Byrd (@byrdinator) October 29, 2019 Believe it or not, some members actually voted no, which is quite gross: NOs:Jim BairdMike RogersMac ThornberrySusan BrooksGregRead More →

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is selling Hocus Pocus-inspired merchandise. While the merchandise is not guaranteed to be shipped to purchasers by Halloween time, it does guarantee that the Trump campaign doesn’t really understand the concept of a witch hunt. The merch includes a poster featuring the likes of House SpeakerRead More →

This post contains discussion of suicide. A former Boston College student was charged with involuntary manslaughter for encouraging her boyfriend to take his own life, Massachusetts officials confirmed Monday.  Inyoung You, 21, was “physically, verbally, and psychologically” abusive to her boyfriend, Alexander Urtula, during their 18-month relationship, Suffolk District AttorneyRead More →

Mel-O-Toons sometimes erroneously called “Mello Toons”, was a series of animated cartoons produced in 1960 It featured various folk tales, Greco-Roman myths, Biblical stories, some original stories by author Thornton Burgess, classic stories, even adaptation. — 1960 — A New World Production United Artists Associated Mel-O-Toons Episode Guide Directed ByRead More →

Larian Studios, the developer behind the recently announced Baldur’s Gate 3, has revealed a new slice of fresh hell from the forthcoming roleplaying game, depicting one of the tentacle-faced, brain-eating psionicists from the race of interplanar slavers called Ilithids — more commonly known as mind flayers. Though scant on details, theRead More →

Alaska’s Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy recently weighed in on the potential far-reaching consequences of AOC’s precious Green New Deal: What happens to Alaska if @AOC's Green New Deal becomes real? @GovDunleavy says, "it would impact our civilization as we know it." — Philip Wegmann (@PhilipWegmann) October 29, 2019 And thatRead More →