Wholesome Cozy Doggos Snuggling Under Blankets

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Have you ever been overtaken by the feeling of just wanting to crawl under your blankets and stay there for a while? Cozying up under them in the morning, not wanting to get up for work? We know you have. It’s a universal feeling that everyone understands. 

That feeling becomes even more intense though when you have an animal snuggled up with you. Nothing is more difficult than getting up from under your blankets when your dog – who’s technically not supposed to even be on your bed – jumps up to cuddle you in the morning. But, at least you can be assured, when you are at work, that your pupper is getting the snuggles that you want so desperately. At least one of you should.

We hope you enjoy these warm and snuggly doggos from r/TuckedInPuppies as much as we do and that you have an amazing weekend!

1. "Beans is the name, burrowing is the game. Every bed is his bed, every blankey is his blankey. He’s a good boy." Brown 2. "Moms heated blanket after a bath? Don’t mind if I do!" Dog 3. "One of my fosters, Chimichanga, tucked herself in right in front of the fire" Light 4. "Husky Puppy sleeping with doll" Dog 5. "cute sleeping shiba" Head 6. "Now, if this isn't a tucked in puppy, then I don't know what is!" Dog 7. "My pup tucks herself in all the time, no help from me required! I can always find her snuggled up in a blanket" Dog 8. "Shiba in blanket" Dog 9. "Burrito has a tongue" Dog - Zum 10. "This boy has claimed every blanket in the house" Outerwear 11. "Furry Grub (She Snug)" Dog - Re Je 12. "Poppy is all snug and warm watching the snow fall outside." Dog 13. "Emily is bummed we had to get out of bed this am." Dog 14. "cutest frenchy pup" Dog 15. "pom burrito" Carnivore 16. "Adorable pup under covers" Dog

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