Twitter Having A Blast With The ‘River Bear’ Trend (Viral Tweets)

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Well, well, another day on twitter, another adorable animal goes viral, and you would never expect it to be this one. A bear in a river. That’s right. You hear that ad may not think anything of it, but my gosh, that bear is the cutest bear that we’ve ever seen (and that’s despite the fact that all bears are totally adorable), and we are not even slightly surprised that the internet went crazy over it. 

It’s so cute, it inspired endless artists to create adorable versions of the bear themselves, and we felt the need to give them all (and the bear) some love. So, enjoy this adorable fluffball in all of its versions, and have a pawtasitc weekend!

1. Water - mclc @_mclc no tweet just bear in river 6:36 PM Feb 16, 2021 Twitter Web App 109.9K Retweets 2,644 Quote Tweets 464.5K Likes 2. Water - 100 PickledPineapplePlatypus!00 @PickledPlatypuz ... Replying to @TRIMILO_ and @_mclc No thoughts today, jus bears in rivers gettyiages 3. Untitled

my humble contribution to river bear trend

— malin🪐✨ (@madebymaIin) February 18, 2021 4. Untitled

today i saw a photo of a bear vibing in a river and i wish i could be him 🐻 |1e4ee8562b21e1d8bc0acdef501a8|d8ae296a87fbbbfa09624bb8525f17ea||

— karla circe 🌱 (@youkaishain) February 18, 2021 5. Untitled

drew the river bear hehe

— aya (@softjehan) February 18, 2021 6. Untitled

Joining in on this river bear trend cause how could I not? 🥺🐻❤️

— krista 🍊 ✩ 𝓈𝒽𝑜𝓅 𝑜𝓅𝑒𝓃 ✩ (@itsLunaloo) February 20, 2021 7. Untitled

river bear but paddington 🥺

— 🍂 potato • open comms! (@potatotoffee) February 19, 2021 8. Untitled

River bear trend because he’s just too stinkin cute?#riverbear

— 🍑Smack My Butt And Call Me Cactimutt 🍑 (@cactimutt) February 19, 2021 9. Untitled

I saw a lot cute art of this lil bear vibing in a river so naturally I had to join in

— ☘️ SesameMilk ☘️ (@SesameMilk) February 19, 2021 10. Untitled

river bear is enjoying a nice relaxing bath and you deserve the same 💛

— Katarina 𓅰 (@katriadoodles) February 20, 2021 11. Untitled

River bear….

— Mai (@Maizilla) February 19, 2021 12. Untitled

It's simple. I see river bear, i make river bear


— Zach Soares (@Voxels) February 18, 2021

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