Photographer Uses Photoshop To Travel Back In Time And Snap Incredible Selfies With Celebrities

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It would be simply amazing if we had a time machine and could travel back in time to meet our favorite celebrities who are no longer with us today. Of course, in this case scenario we would want to immortalize the moment, and what could be better than snapping a selfie with them?

Unfortunately, modern science has not developed that much and time travel doesn’t exist yet (at least, as much as we are aware of), however, this fact didn’t stop 26-year-old Budapest-based photographer Flóra Borsi from creating her own set of selfies with some of the most famous faces from the 20th century. We must say that they look really realistic!

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Audrey Hepburn

media-source">Image credits: Flora Borsi

Flóra Borsi is not a stranger to us as she already surprised us here on Bored Panda with her self-portraits “Animeyed” in which she becomes one with different animals, a series of real-life models, and also making immigrants’ dreams come true by photoshopping them into today’s New York. In this series, the artist decided to discover the possibilities of the well-known phenomenon of the modern world – “selfie”. Let’s admit that it would pretty difficult to explain the concept of a selfie to a person from the 20th century but the fact makes the series even more interesting!

Marilyn Monroe

Image credits: Flora Borsi

John Lennon

Image credits: Flora Borsi

The artist had to take her time and prepare for this series to make them as realistic as possible. The first step was to find the right photos of these well-known Hollywood stars, artists and scientists. Then she had to add herself seamlessly to the shot to create the desired selfie.

Albert Einstein

Image credits: Flora Borsi

Mahatma Gandhi

Image credits: Flora Borsi

“I made research of the appropriate fashion and hair styles, then analyzed every picture’s lighting, perspective, depth, gamma, noise type and jpeg artifacts. After this, I took matching photos with the same technical criteria and digitally “destroyed” my self-portraits.” – explains the artist on her Behance.

Salvador Dalí

Image credits: Flora Borsi

Sigmund Freud

Image credits: Flora Borsi

The artist perfectly recreated each photo’s spirit and the fashion trends of the time as she looks seemingly calm listening to Mahatma Gandhi, acting wild and crazy with Audrey Hepburn (note the glamorous hairstyle!), trying to find the flawless angle for a perfect selfie with Marilyn Monroe, and much more! If you could go back in time who would you like to take a selfie with?

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