People Are Sharing The Worst Kitchen Designs They’ve Encountered, And They’re Hilarious (30 Pics)

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#1 “I Have Two Of Those In My Kitchen”

Image credits: Dovydas Skarolskis

#2 Even The Oven Is Like Why Are You Doing This To Me????

Image credits: pleasehatethesethings

#3 What If They Get Divorced?

Image credits: Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

There’s nothing that says bon appétit like a train-wreck of a kitchen. And boy, are there plenty of those out there. Kitchens that make you wonder whether the architects who designed them have ever eaten (or cooked) in one before. Kitchens that make you realize why not everyone who gets a degree in architecture is worth the paper their diploma is printed on. Kitchens that get bullied by other rooms in the house for looking shabby, kitschy and weird.

#4 Crappy Kitchen Design#5 $1 Million San Francisco Loft Has Diagonal Support Beam That Cuts Through The Middle Of The Kitchen

Image credits: DewayneJones

#6 But How Will People Know We’re Fancy Unless We Etch The Lamborghini Into The Window?

Image credits: pleasehatethesethings

How about hanging up a piano above the stove? Sounds like a good idea! Or how about we build the kitchen behind the refrigerator? Aye-aye, skipper! Oh, and we should probably install all the appliances in such a way that makes it impossible to open up any drawers.

#7 It’s The End Of Days

Image credits: pleasehatethesethings

#8 Finally A Place For My Tetris Tupperware

Image credits: pleasehatethesethings

#9 This “Form Over Function” Kitchen In My Apartment…

Image credits: chefmacari

One Instagram account called pleasehatethesethings collects “absurd, ugly & just plain stupid things in home design”, including kitchen design fails. The account has over 202,000 followers and has uploaded more than 621 photos that will make you want to call the design police.

#10 Open Concept Gone Too Far

Image credits: apriltaurus

#11 Crappy Kitchen Design#12 Just Added The Curtain For Privacy!

Image credits: Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

But when exactly did kitchens start being a thing? Well, the first kitchens were outdoors because that’s where fires were built. According to John Desmond Limited, the smoke created by fires was a major problem indoors until the 16th century — that’s when chimneys became widespread in houses.

#13 Interesting Cupboard Design

Image credits: Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

#14 This Entire Kitchen’s Counters And Backsplash Are Covered With This “Faux Mold” Tile

Image credits: iheartcatsandcoffee

#15 This Kitchen Appears To Be Under The Attack Of Some Giant At-At Walkers

Image credits: pleasehatethesethings

Wood-fired kitchen stoves appeared in the 18th century, which were later replaced by ones that burned coal. The gas stove was first patented by James Sharp in 1826 and became a widespread addition in most kitchens by the 1920s. That’s when the electric stove started competing with its gas counterpart. However, it’s not what stove you use that’s important — it’s that you place it somewhere so it doesn’t block half the kitchen’s drawers.

#16 That Open Concept Will Getcha Every Time

Image credits: pleasehatethesethings

#17 Did This Get Installed Upside Down?

Image credits: pleasehatethesethings

#18 When You Don’t Know If The Kitchen Is In The Bathroom Or The Bathroom In The Kitchen

Image credits: Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

#19 When Space Saving Hacks Go Too Far

Image credits: Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

#20 I Wouldn’t Want To Come In Here After Smoking

Image credits: Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

#21 Blanche Done Blown The Whole Island Budget On Her Chandeliers

Image credits: pleasehatethesethings

#22 There’s Fancy. Then There’s Kitchenette In The Master Bathroom Fancy

Image credits: pleasehatethesethings

#23 Crappy Kitchen Design (Literally)#24 Kentucky Comin In For That “Texas Kinda Crazy” Title

Image credits: pleasehatethesethings

#25 If Only There Was Some Other Utensil They Could Have Put On This Kitchen Decoration…

Image credits: Engineer_Toast

#26 The Worst Kitchen Layout Ever

Image credits: sellforsure

#27 An Abundance Of Prep Space Though, You Can’t Deny That. Just Don’t Let The Chicken Slide Off When You Go To Change Out The Load Of Darks

Image credits: pleasehatethesethings

#28 Opening My Fridge Turns Off The Kitchen Light

Image credits: whoakid

#29 Shower In The Middle Of A Kitchen#30 Crappy Kitchen Design

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