People are learning about the ‘Rock the Boat’ dance from Netflix’s ‘Derry Girls’

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The Netflix show Derry Girls is a sensation all over the world. But for people unfamiliar with the particulars of Irish culture, it has raised some important questions.

One Twitter user recently asked if the “Rock the Boat” choreography in Derry Girls is something that really happens in the country.

Dear #irish people from the internet, is the choreography of “Rock the boat” where people sit on the floor from #DerryGirls a real thing? I NEED TO KNOW

— plantitas witch ✨🌿 (@carovaldez93) August 4, 2019

Yes, the choreography to “Rock the Boat,” the single from American band the Hues Corporation, is real. Rather than being some strange cultural artifact from the ’90s, like “Saturday Night” or “Macarena,” it remains a beloved part of many Irish celebrations to this day. For those unaware, the dance usually involves people sitting on the floor in rows while swinging their arms back and forth and clapping to the beat.

For those who are confused, Rock The Boat is basically a rite of passage at Irish weddings. Our weddings have late bars that can run until 2am. We love a dance. And sure a dance we can do on our arses is even better. #DerryGirls

— Sarah Doran (@sarahisnothere) March 26, 2019

Footage from a wedding in Cork on Sunday. Confirmed.

— Steph of the Crank (@Stephanenny) August 6, 2019

Happens at Irish weddings very late at night 🙈

— Tara Keogh (@keogh_tara) August 6, 2019

Did it at my grad/debs in a full-length satin dress. Did it on a bank holiday Saturday night in the Foundry in Carlow and some prick grabbed my boobs

— #ErisLovesWhiskeyTangoFoxtrot ea.png" alt="🇮🇪" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /> (@ErisLovesMovies) August 6, 2019

So many photos like this one from various events. LOVE Rock the Boat💞 😂

— fiona walker (@fionawalker20) August 6, 2019

An essential part of not just weddings but birthdays, graduations, and other large parties, many Irish people were shocked to discover this wasn’t an international phenomenon.

Wait… it isn’t… international…? 🤨

— Shauna B-Money (@ShaunaBMoney) August 6, 2019

Does every peoples not do it?

— Roy Murray (@trimroy) August 6, 2019

I’m feeling incredibly embarrassed now for all of Ireland for some reason lol. I had no idea we owned this and now that I think about it, it’s the weirdest tradition 😂

— Kitty Colbert♡#EDS4IRE (@kittypotpie85) August 7, 2019

There are even giant public ones.

Yes. On Paddy’s day we even lined the streets to do it!

— Johnny O (@jocno5) August 7, 2019

Including attempts to beat the world record.

Not only is it a thing but we take it very seriously. My home village in particular.

— Karol (@BurgundyJumper_) August 7, 2019

Have it here!

— Mother on a Rothar (@neasabh) August 6, 2019

And one person is such a big fan that she’ll start doing the dance anywhere, anytime if the song comes on.

I had a friend in school who would drop to the floor no matter where she heard the song. On a public bus, in the middle of a shop. It's a wedding classic for some reason.

🏳️‍🌈Gloria McNeely (@gloralot) August 6, 2019

“Rock the Boat” may not be international yet, but thanks to Derry Girls it may just get there.

A classic at weddings, and other large gatherings of people. 👌

— Dr. Leeanne Hinch 💛🧡❤💜💙💚 (@SpillzHinch) August 6, 2019


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