Marvel finally confirms major fan theory about Loki’s motives in ‘Avengers’

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Marvel finally confirmed a well known fan theory about Loki&#8217s role within the first&nbspAvengers movie. Apparently he had been mind-controlled whole time.

This is a reason for contention because the film arrived on the scene this year, partially because Loki&#8217s portrayal in&nbspThe Avengers is really not the same as another movies. In most cases, Loki is portrayed like a mischievous trickster with selfish motives, taking inspiration from Norse mythology. However in&nbspThe Avengers, he all of a sudden developed an ambitious need to conquer and subjugate Earth, an activity that involved a suspicious quantity of organization and discipline. Rather of having depressed by pranks and elaborate double-crosses, he grew to become an objective-oriented military leader.

Some fans chalked this as much as Joss Whedon&#8216s frequently dubious portrayal choices (remember Black Widow and Bruce Banner&#8217s out-of-nowhere romance?), but others recommended it’d a canonical explanation: When using the Chitauri Scepter to manage his new minions, Loki had been mind-controlled themself. In certain scenes his eyes have a similar blue glow as other mind-control victims, lending credence towards the theory. And today, should you take a look at Loki’s bio around the official Marvel website, you&#8217ll find this little bit about his role in&nbspThe Avengers:

&#8220Gifted having a Scepter that acted like a mind device, Loki could influence others. Unknowingly to him, the Scepter seemed to be influencing him, fueling his hate over his brother Thor and also the occupants of Earth.&#8221

Essentially, the scepter made Loki weaker to Thanos&#8217 orders.&nbspThe Avengers happens following the first&nbspThor movie, meaning Loki had every need to want revenge against Thor and the allies. We are able to think that he earned an offer with Thanos to achieve extra power, but Thanos used the scepter to create Loki more respectful, stopping him from pulling certainly one of his usual stunts and betraying Thanos in the earliest chance.

Considering that it was never clearly acknowledged on-screen, this detail seems like a subtle retcon of Loki&#8217s supervillain role. With Marvel focusing on a live-action Loki miniseries for Disney’s new streaming service, you can observe why they&#8217d wish to soften his backstory a little.

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