Look at what New York City teachers are learning in tens of millions worth of ‘implicit bias’ training

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You might have noticed a couple of posts we’ve done recently that grew out of a 2001 study that seems to be making the rounds still. For instance, we’ve learned that feeling a sense of urgency about things is one of the characteristics of white supremacy and needs to be taken into account by businesses and organizations that truly want to be multicultural.

We also learned that “white supremacy is characterized by perfectionism, a belief in meritocracy, and the Protestant work ethic,” according to an executive who’d been through the training and that the New York City public school system was heavily invested in the training.

How heavily invested? The New York Post reports this week that the school system has sunk $23 million into mandatory implicit bias training for all Department of Education staff.

$23m mandatory training for all DOE staff. “If I had a poor white male student and I had a middle-class black boy, I would actually put my equitable strategies and interventions into that middle class black boy [over the white boy],” a seminar leader said. https://t.co/WNqVlljHpG

— Chadwick Moore (@Chadwick_Moore) May 27, 2019

Here we go again with Intersectionality BINGO — who’s more marginalized by white culture: the poor white boy or the middle-class black boy? Apparently, for just $23 million, you too can learn the correct answer.

The New York Post reports:

A consultant hired by the city Department of Education told administrators at a workshop that “racial equity” means favoring black children regardless of their socio-economic status, sources said.

“If I had a poor white male student and I had a middle-class black boy, I would actually put my equitable strategies and interventions into that middle class black boy because over the course of his lifetime he will have less access and less opportunities than that poor white boy,” the consultant, Darnisa Amante, is quoted as saying by those in the room.

“That’s what racial equity is,” Amante explained.

Oh. And what the hell are “equitable strategies” anyway?

“Equitable strategies and intervention,” Orwellian doublespeak for “discrimination.”

— Erickson Marissa👠 (@Jwm55McKenzie) May 27, 2019

There is a word for what they are promoting: #Racism.

— BCP (@beercanpolitics) May 27, 2019

Gee that doesn’t sound racist at all

— Tsglover (@Tsglover) May 27, 2019

Sure makes us eager to send our poor white sons to public school. “White privilege will benefit you later, so sit down and shut up.”

Blatant racism. I thought this was a hate crime?

— Taylor Shoe (@ShoeTaylor) May 27, 2019

Who are the real racists when they get power?

— Cen Durma (@CenDurma) May 27, 2019

I shit you not, our school district has set aside $2 million for "bias training" – which is really just anti-white propaganda. Checkout @CorwinPress and their "deep equity" program they are rolling out with schools.

— Right of Stalin (@rightofstalin) May 27, 2019

How about implementing school of choice citywide so parents can escape this crap? NY public school system would be out of business quickly.

— Hum Spot (@humspot1) May 27, 2019

Charter schools are the answer to such blatant abuse.

— laura bianchini (@laurabi99711029) May 27, 2019

Just makes me grateful that I don't live in NYC or California where the State determines what is right and wrong for children, not their parents. #orwell #1984

— jmh (@fanlitfan) May 28, 2019

New York is competing with California to be America’s biggest shit show.

— Anthony Smith (@Anthony56089499) May 27, 2019

Absolutely horrendous and immoral. These people learned NOTHING from MLK, Jr. and the Savior he followed (who was neither "white" nor "black").

It's astounding. And they still think they're morally superior. Human nature shows its awful side again.

— M.D. House (@Real_HouseMD) May 27, 2019

Education is NOT about punishment…it is supposed to be about teaching and learning. We are supposed to be equal…no color, no sex…people who come to learn!!! Is it finally time to END public education??? Looks like it!!!

— Valerie Toler (@vstoler1) May 28, 2019

This is flat out dangerous. You cannot achieve equity with the garbage notion of discriminating against any race. Haven’t we learned that already? This is just pure hatred and excuses for destroying others.

— Freeda™ (@EternaFreeda) May 27, 2019

An unbelievably racist statement. I hope this POS gets fired.But as usual he is being enabled by other racists.Hope springs eternal. I am a strong believer in karma. History will look back and be forgiven for thinking that people in this era collectively lost their minds.

— Starryian (@starryian7) May 28, 2019

This is insanity. pic.twitter.com/Q3d4CJtOGL

— Jenna Kelly (@JennaKellyJD) May 27, 2019


— megan (@table_9_mutant) May 27, 2019

Unbelievable isn’t it?

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) May 27, 2019

So much for a merit based system.

— Morpheus Red 84 (@84_morpheus) May 27, 2019

Didn’t you read the PowerPoint slide before? Belief in meritocracy is a sign of white supremacism.

The schools are using common core to dumb the kids down so if Hegelian teachers put 2x more energy into one kid that kid will be twice as dumb.

— Farmer (@FarmerNC) May 27, 2019

“Disruptive Equity Education Project”??

Well that’s DEEP.

….OMG. THIS is what a politically correct and progressive education from Noe Valley University has become?!?

GASP. How sad.

— MYNDFK (@MYNDFK) May 27, 2019

“Through this process of moving towards racial equity, we will have to pull layers back on who we are. You are going to have to talk about your power and your privilege. You will need to name your privilege.” This is chillingly Maoist, straight out of the Cultural Revolution.

— Edward Suarez (@EdwardMSuarez) May 28, 2019

Dismantle the DOE. Cultural Marxists are why we can’t have nice things.

— David Ricardo (@constructal1) May 27, 2019

Holy crap — there’s actually a thing called the “Birth Justice” movement.

This is HUGE in birth professions. Been pushed for 3-4 yrs. the woc demand it. pic.twitter.com/D3odwz39G4

— bapartofmylife (@bapartofmylife) May 27, 2019


— TheGreatVaughn (@EloyanVahan) May 27, 2019

The message: minorities are like disabled people, they have special needs.

Teach this long enough and they'll start to believe it.

— Tailfinner 🦅 (@tailfinner) May 27, 2019

Here’s that slide once again for all you white folk out there who want to be more aware of your implicit biases:

Nailed it. pic.twitter.com/tMLjEbzaxv

— Anna Jane Joyner (@annajanejoyner) April 30, 2019


Do you strive for perfection? You too might be a white supremacist https://t.co/ptZJ9mEiiE

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) May 19, 2019

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