Guy Finds Caterpillars In Tesco Broccoli And Raises Them Into Butterflies (Twitter Thread)

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When finding some living creatures in fruits or vegetables purchased at the grocery store, most people would probably just ask for a refund. 

But British media personality, Sam Darlaston, had some other plans for the caterpillars he has found inside the broccoli he bought from a local Tesco store. 

After overcoming the first shock, he realized he had a new pet to enjoy during the lockdown.  

So, he decided to raise those caterpillars into butterflies and documented the whole process in an awesome twitter thread. 

1. Untitled

In case anyone is interested, the name we’ve gone with is Cedric, he’s from Spain (at least we assume so because the broccoli is) and he dances after eating spinach and broc all day long 🐛🐛🐛

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 11, 2020 2. Untitled

SO IT TURNS OUT THAT THIS BROC CONTAINS ANOTHER 5 CATERPILLARS????!!!! 5!!!!! Also it turns out that THIS… is now a caterpillar thread

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 11, 2020 3. Untitled

WELL! What do you know! My housemate just went to cook his broccoli and BAMMMMMMM, he’s got green mates too. Open to name suggestions for our 7th caterpillar child 😭🐛🐛🐛

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 12, 2020 4. Untitled

Day 3, and we’ve got our first caterpillar romance story. Janine and Slim Eric nap together, eat together, and occasionally dance together 🐛

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 13, 2020 5. Untitled

WE’VE GOT AN ESCAPOLOGIST – this rebel has grabbed some vanilla sticks!! tesco you can pay for me to get a new set of vanilla sticks now, they’re fackin frazzled

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 13, 2020 6. Untitled

BIG SCENES!!! £1.10 for 3 broccolis full of caterpillars – up it to £50k Tesco or am going to sell my story to Take A Break magazine

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 14, 2020 7. Untitled

Honestly Tesco, look how much Janine the caterpillar EATS!? I think you need to provide more 55p broccoli gift cards for her

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 15, 2020 8. Untitled

Croc needs to learn not to play with his food tbh 🐛🐛🐛

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 15, 2020 9. Untitled

Final update of the day… we’ve now got 3 cocoon / chrysalis, they grow up so fast 😭🐛

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 15, 2020 10. Untitled

I then got him to pose for a picture with his brother Olly so we could see the diff between caterpillar and cocoon. 🌚🌝

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 22, 2020 11. Untitled

Remember Cedric the caterpillar? Feel old yet? 🐛🦋

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 22, 2020 12. Untitled

3/7 of the Tesco broccoli caterpillars are now wild butterflies 😭, this morning Janine joined Cedric and Slim Eric for her new life ✌️🥦🦋 (thought she’d at least say bye but she just bolted)

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 24, 2020 13. Untitled

Good morning to my new bestie Croc and my new bestie Croc only 🦋🥦 (he’s the one on the left)

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 25, 2020 14. Untitled

AN HONOUR to be on @BBCRadio2 with the legend @theJeremyVine discussing my caterpillars and releasing Broc and Olly live on air 🥦🐛 this is it, life’s peaked really

— Sam Darlaston (@samd_official) June 25, 2020

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