Go home, bro, you’re DRUNK: Gavin Newsom’s brag about California to dunk on Trump goes horribly and hilariously WRONG

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Gavin Newsom realizes he’s talking about California here, right? The jokes write themselves …

California’s what happens when rights are respected. When work is rewarded. When nature’s protected. When diversity is celebrated and free markets are fair markets.

We are nothing less than the progressive answer to a transgressive President. #CADEM19

— Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) June 1, 2019


You know what, we can’t even with this guy.

Or with California for that matter.

Newsom’s California, where the rich stay richer and the poor stay poorer. Tent city’s, outdoor plumbing, no heat or water, massive filth and rampant drug use. pic.twitter.com/avJ5VMZl7U

— Intrepid (@intrepid_17) June 2, 2019

What a great state ya’ have there, Gavin. Yup.

Wonder what's going to sweep the nation first: California's progressiveness or the plagues that are beginning to fester there?

Also the LA Times version of this story I found blaming climate change instead of the mountains of garbage is priceless.https://t.co/8iAj3KcGDK

— Shrike (@Shrike1988) |48b4c16c1534340170742bbc3a2e4f69|

What a gorgeous place to live.


Gavin sure showed Trump!

California is haven for drug addicts and illegals who have soiled your once great cities with used needles and feces.This is the future of progressivism. Own it.

— Vox Libertatis™ن (@2lanterns) June 2, 2019

Flint, MI.

Chicago, IL.

Democrat leadership at its finest.

Gavin should be SO proud.

You mean the homelessness, 41st ranking in K-12, highest poverty rate, most people on welfare, schools teaching in Spanish because of the illegals, exodus of residents to neighboring states, CALPERS trillions under water. Are effing serious? This state is an abortion.

— us395 🇺🇸🌴🏖 (@US395) June 2, 2019

Just stop! It's waaaaay too much! My sides are HURTING! pic.twitter.com/uXOUB7ONSQ

— 1001 Roadbeerian Nights (@MckinleyDHughes) June 2, 2019

Good for the rich. Bad for the poor.

— John Wright (@jww372) June 2, 2019

That’s basically every ‘progressive’ policy out there, yup.

San Francisco has a feces map.

— us395 🇺🇸🌴🏖 (@US395) June 2, 2019

Then why are so many folks leaving California for the great state of Texas?! Rolling right on out of there. Keep sending them to Texas. Let’s just hope they know to #KeepTexasRed

— deb4liberty (@deb4liberty) June 2, 2019

So why are so many leaving for Nevada, Arizona and Texas? #Tool

— josephhendrix (@josephhendrix) June 2, 2019

You must assume that we do not see the 3rd world conditions in some of your biggest cities. This is the same kind of of dishonest #propaganda garbage that the despots of the 20th century engaged in, but they didn’t have the visibility into their cities that we have. #liar

— Jim (@WFSecurityNerd) June 2, 2019

Gosh, this went swimmingly, Gavin. Way to go.


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