Disgraced ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Jed Wyatt STILL Maintains He Didn’t Do Anything Shady…

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Jed Wyatt still doesn’t get it, does he??

The since-disgraced winner of The Bachelorette is reeling after leading lady Hannah Brown broke things off with him ASAP after finding out about his apparent girlfriend in the weeks leading up to his arrival to film the show. And despite all the evidence and testimony to the contrary, Jed still maintains that he didn’t do anything shady with his alleged ex, Haley Stevens, or with Hannah! Bro, REALLY?!

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The dog food jingle king tried to explain himself on Friday on the Bachelor Happy Hour with Rachel & Ali, telling hosts and show alums Rachel Lindsay and Ali Fedotowsky his side of the story in an extended interview about the whole brouhaha.

He kicked things off with an apology — there’s one good move, Jed! — but then his arguments quickly devolved into a laundry list of excuses and empty platitudes as the ladies let him tell his side of the story. To open things up, Jed said (below):

“The main thing is just how sorry I am. I really have had time to think about the things that have happened and how Hannah has felt. I’m very remorseful and ultimately just want to become a better person because of all of this. If you really do love someone, no matter how promising they’ve made it seem, if they’re going on a dating show, regardless of why they’re going on a dating show, why would you stay with them? If I was in a relationship, I would not have gone onto a dating show. That’s just me. I’m not a cheater. And with my time with Haley, I did hang out with other people. I did date other people. I slept with other people. We were not in an exclusive relationship.”

Uhhh…. that last part about seeing other people is apparently news to Haley!!!

Wyatt ultimately admitted that Stevens was unaware he was sleeping with other people, and they never had a conversation about it, but there was “conversation and clarity” on his path…. without her? So, like, he wasn’t cheating, but he also never told her he was sleeping with other people while she was expecting him to NOT sleep with other people, and he doesn’t realize that’s a MASSIVE miscommunication on his part? In fact, he goes a step further and brags about the “clarity” on his path??

Jed, bro, are you kidding with this one (below)????

“She’s rightfully hurt and I see that, I understand that. But the facts are the facts. There was conversation and clarity on my path.”

That’s literally one of the most mealy-mouthed, bizarre cheating answers/excuses we’ve ever heard! What a joke!!!

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Interestingly, Jed also opened up a little bit more about that awkward run-in he had with Haley at a music venue back in Nashville, where he saw her for the very first time after filming The Bachelorette.

He told the co-hosts (below):

“We ran into each other at a bar. This was before she gave her story. She came up to me, we’re surrounded by people, this is right when I got back from the show. One episode had played at this point, and people were videoing me standing there. I was trying to have a conversation with my friends and she walked right up to me and goes, ‘You weren’t going to call? You weren’t going to say anything?’ And I just told her I didn’t feel like this was the time or place to have this conversation. People are like… why weren’t you honest about the whole Haley situation?’ In my head, I had more closure than Haley. I felt like we had a conversation on the phone once I landed in L.A. and we knew that I was stepping into a very unforeseen future and that anything could happen. We had talked about all the variables. If they wanted me to be The Bachelor or something, [Bachelor in] Paradise, falling in love, it was all discussed and understood.”

Bro… judging by how Stevens reacted IT CLEARLY WASN’T DISCUSSED AND UNDERSTOOD!

How hard is it to realize that and admit fault?! Pretty hard for the dog food jingle king, apparently.

Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Drag this man to eternity and back in the comments (below)…

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