Dad fails to notice Cheez-It planted on wall by daughter for 4 years

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A Twitter user documented her four-year-long experiment of having a Cheez-It planted on a wall in her house to see if her dad ever took notice. Her experiment came to an end on Oct. 6, a day now memorialized in Sara Smith’s Twitter bio.

“rip cheezit. 11/26/2015-10/06/19,” her bio now reads. So what happened? Let’s start at the beginning.

In 2015, Smith pinned a Cheez-It on the wall after being inspired by another Twitter user who did the same thing with a chip. The other user’s dad was seemingly more acute because he noticed the chip within weeks.

Smith tweeted that it had been a few hours, then a few weeks, and then a few months of her dad not noticing his new, crispy cheddar home decor. “Stay tuned to see how long it takes him to notice (it’ll be a long time),” Smith very correctly stated.

so far it's been a few hours. stay tuned to see how long it takes him to notice (it'll be a long time)

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) November 27, 2015

@sarasmithh97 day 10 and it is still there, stay tuned to see how much longer it will take my dad to notice it

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) December 7, 2015

@sarasmithh97 day 55, I just got home from being in Texas for 2 weeks yet dad still hasn't noticed it 🙂

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) January 20, 2016

On day 122, Smith announced that her father rearranged the furniture and obstructed the view to the Cheez-It with a bookcase, prompting Smith to find a new home for it. Somehow, despite moving the bookcase right in front of it, Smith’s father was still unaware of its presence.

@sarasmithh97 idk what day it is im too lazy to figure it out rn but just know its still there my dad hasn't seen it

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) February 11, 2016

day 122, dad rearranged furniture and moved a bookshelf in front of the cheez it so it had to be moved a few feet

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) April 3, 2016

Smith then announced that she would be leaving for six months and created a poll on Twitter. “Should I tell him about it now, or leave it he won’t notice?” she questioned. Users overwhelmingly voted for Smith to leave the Cheez-It in its seemingly permanent home.

I fucking forgot that I'm about to leave for like 6 months and my dad still hasn't found the cheezit SOS!!!! should I:

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) December 13, 2016

The next update came on day 563 into the experiment, when Smith assured avid followers that she makes sure to replace the Cheez-It every so often because “they get gross and need to be replaced.” She was on Cheez-It number three at the time.

bet y'all forgot about this thing cause i sure did!! day 563!! (except this is actually cheezit #3 bc they get gross & need to be replaced)

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) June 11, 2017

Two years later, Smith announced that she had moved out of the house–but not to fret, because her stepmother was in on the Cheez-It stint and was keeping her updated.

this was a conversation with my stepmom on thanksgiving

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) |26e5ea38762c93eea488124cd95bb51e|

Eventually, Smith was practically begging her father to see the Cheez-It. She even gave him a box of Cheez-Its for Christmas as a gag gift. “Day 750. im kind of getting tired of this, i thought he’d notice much sooner. i honestly might put another one somewhere,” Smith tweeted.

i’m giving my dad a box of cheezits as a gag christmas gift since he still has not found the one on the wall 😇

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) December 23, 2017

Obviously the gift went over his head.

update: dad was very confused. merry cheezmas :))

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) December 25, 2017

On year three, Smith posted a video of her dad with a notable feature from Mr. Cheez-It III.

you’d think that a cheezit stuck to the green wall above your pet’s tank would grab your attention, but alas….. it has been over 3 years

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) December 29, 2018

However, on year four, the gag was up, but not because her dad noticed the Cheez-It. Smith’s brother-in-law spoiled the fun and told her dad. “He’s not going to be punished! lol the internet is harassing him enough,” Smith told the Daily Dot of her brother-in-law.

it is with sadness that i must announce that the gag is up. after 1,410 days – almost 4 years – my brother in law spoiled it for us and mentioned it to my dad 😣

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) October 6, 2019

What a fucking narc

— sidknee✌🏽 (@sbroookz) October 7, 2019

So men really ain't shit

— Lord Nick 🍕 (@le_nick92) October 7, 2019

“Thank you to everyone who’s supported the cheezit & i through the years, im sorry my naive family didn’t understand that when it rots you simply replace it. i’m just disappointed as you all are,” Smith wrote. “Also i’m SO mad that we will never know just how unobservant my dad is.”

also i’m SO mad that we will never know just how unobservant my dad is

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) October 6, 2019

But others assured her that four years was more than enough time to make an assessment on Smith’s observational skills–or lack thereof.

No trust me, 4 years says a whole lot 😂🤣

❤King Peddie 👑 (@Peddiespice) October 7, 2019

i’d say 1,410 days is enough to conclude that your dads pretty damn unobservant

— timmy curry (@timmycurry_) October 7, 2019

Smith told the Daily Dot that she “did not expect this level of attention at all. It didn’t take off until just now when it ended. Until then, nothing had more than 100 likes, maybe.”

However, “everyone that has followed from the beginning is proud.”

Now, Smith’s Cheez-It challenge is inspiring others to take up the challenge, just like Smith was once inspired. “Issa cheezit challenge!!! lol keep ur eyes peeled it might be happening to u!!” Smith wrote.

i’m rlly sad that it’s the end of an era but it’s also funny to see everyone in my mentions talking about how they’re trying it :,) issa cheezit challenge!!! lol keep ur eyes peeled it might be happening to u!! 👀🕵🏼‍♀️😳

— ♡ 。・゚゚✧𝒮・゚゚✧。♡ (@_sarasmithhh) October 8, 2019


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