Andy Ngo slammed for doxing a minor

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Self-proclaimed journalist |84cdc9fa9ac81e4532cb2ea553559cce| doxed a minor after they threatened to milkshake him.

Ngo posted a photo of the 17-year-old to his Instagram. He included the minor’s name and their location in the caption.

The teen, along with friends, found Ngo’s phone number and texted Ngo a photo of him getting “milkshaked,” a form of antifascist activism where protesters will either hurl a milkshake at or pour one on right-wing figureheads.

In screenshotted messages posted to Twitter by a user who knows the teen, the teen claimed Ngo “reverse number searched us.”

The 17-year-old further claimed they were the only one with a Twitter account, which is why Ngo specifically targeted them.

“Did investigating & found out the harassing text I received is connected to phone # linked to [redacted] aka [redacted]. I recognize name because he produced a list of @ICEgov employees for comrades to stalk—the same list shared by Dayton antifa mass killer,” Ngo wrote, tagging Twitter Support.

Ngo included the handles to both the teen’s main Twitter account, which uses their real name, and a secondary account of theirs.

Andy Ngo/Twitter

On Instagram, Ngo similarily boasted about finding the teen’s identity and posted more of the teen’s personal information.

“I found the identity of the person who sent me a harassing phone text. [redacted] is a [redacted] in the [redacted] area and antifa ideologue linked to a mass killer,” Ngo wrote.

The user who posted the screenshots also tweeted that the teen “had to deactivate for his own safety because Andy Ngo has doxxed him on his Instagram. And yes [redacted] is a minor.”

The teen’s secondary Twitter account appears to have been suspended.

Ngo might be in violation of Instagram’s terms of use regarding exposing private information. Posting private and confidential information, like “location information” is in violation of its terms, according to Instagram.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Andy Ngo and Instagram.


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