Absent political leaders replaced with ice sculptures at climate debate

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channel 4 ice sculpture climate debate

After two political leaders refused to attend a climate debate hosted by U.K.’s Channel 4 on Thursday, the TV network decided on a very special replacement for them.

Instead of empty chairs, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage were represented by ice sculptures. As the debate went on, the sculptures melted under the studio lights—and brought to mind the state of the planet.

#C4News #ClimateDebate empty chairs #CowardlyJohnson with an ice sculpture. 👍#GE2019 #bbcqt #r4today #PoliticsLive pic.twitter.com/CeHsFoyat1

— Haggis_UK #FBPE 🇬🇧 ea-1f1fa.png" alt="🇪🇺" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /> (@Haggis_UK) November 28, 2019

Amid the televised debate, arguments sparked on Twitter about climate change and Channel 4’s response to Johnson and Farage’s absences.

And yet two Brexiteers couldn't face it. Funny, that.

— Andy the Corsair (@CorsairHermes) November 28, 2019

Tells us all we need to know about Channel 4 for sure 🙄

— Fred Boomer Flintstone (@Iwontcalmdown) November 28, 2019

It's pointless.

— JoustingJim #LeaveAlliance 🇬🇧 (@JoustingJim) November 28, 2019

Some said it was an appropriate and clever way to get the point across.

Please @krishgm say and now the leader of the @Conservatives and cut to the dripping ice sculpture for a minute for its opening statement. #ClimateDebate

— Darin Millar (@defencelawyer) November 28, 2019

Should have been melting statues of the actual criminals involvedWould have been fun watching a melting Johnson collapsing under the studio lights

— FactCheckUK – Impartial & Objective (@WildeSolomon) November 28, 2019

Nice move @Channel4News the only thing is the ice sculpture will give better answers than @BorisJohnson #ClimateDebate

— Mark (@random_man21) November 28, 2019

This is journalistic integrity. Fair play.

— Election Kafka (@RuairiWood) November 28, 2019

Others saw it as disrespectful and a sign of Channel 4’s lack of neutrality. One Twitter user said the network is “politicized and fixated on issues.”

Channel 4 put melting ice sculpture on Boris Johnson’s podium in climate change debate stuntVery cheap stunt by a Pro-Remoaner lefty biased media channel.Good on both Nigel & Boris for not attending this Remoaner 💩 fest…!!https://t.co/FPOiDclmCf

— Dr.Spock Brexit ERG Spartan (@DrSpock_Spartan) November 28, 2019

Channel 4 News is really losing it, I remember when it was a channel you went to for news everynight. Impartial and extensive. Now it has turned into the TV equivalent of the Independent. Politicised and fixated on issues.

— AnthonyJ (@AnthonyJohnG) November 28, 2019

But many applauded the stunt.

Can’t wait for the snap polls! Who won the climate debate?Boris Ice Sculpture: 45%Farage Ice Sculpture: 27%Lib Dems: 8%Greens: 5%Corbyn: 2%Don’t care: whatever % is left

— Mike Ducci (@MrDucci) November 28, 2019

No disrespect for the ice sculpture, but that doesn't take a lot.

— Eeyoresmum (@eeyoresmother) November 28, 2019

I’m glad that Channel 4 have replaced Boris Johnson with an ice sculpture. It might not cut through to his ageing voter base but future generations will see it as history – some politicians just didn’t care that the planet is fucked

— Rhiannon L Cosslett (@rhiannonlucyc) November 28, 2019

If only the ice sculptures were portraits of Boris and Farage themselves, some said.

Actually thought they'd commissioned an ice sculpture *of* Boris Johnson for the #ClimateDebate. Rather disappointed to discover otherwise.

— Ross McCleary: Stakeholder (@strongmisgiving) November 28, 2019

Replacing Boris Johnson with a giant ice sculpture is problematic insofar as a giant ice sculpture is more coherent, likeable and prime ministerial than Boris Johnson, but we can't vote for it. #ClimateDebate

— Alan Ferrier (@alanferrier) November 28, 2019

After the debate aired, Johnson threatened to “reassess” Channel 4’s broadcasting license, sparking more outrage online.

well, they’ve already said if they win they’ll be reviewing Channel 4’s broadcasting license. not at all dystopian!

— george 🌹 (@faggylindsay) November 28, 2019


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