21 Pregnancy Comics Illustrating The Struggles Every Pregnant Woman Must Endure

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There are dozens and dozens of books on ‘what to expect when you’re expecting’ that prepare mothers-to-be on the ins and outs of being pregnant, but instead of laying it out in a book, Bored Panda put together this hilarious series of comics.

Some of these illustrations highlight the more well-known struggles of being pregnant, such as the wild mood swings that make you cry at the silliest things – but are you prepared for the crazy costs of maternity clothes? Not to mention being prepared for how other people will treat you seeing your growing belly – yes they will ask to touch it. Scroll down below to check out these hilarious pregnancy comics and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

Fit moms will annoy the hell out of you

perception about your body will change dramatically

you will reach peak sensitivity

pregnancy clothes will become luxury items

exhaustion will be too goddamn high

your inner glow will start to shine through

everybody will start to think you’re fragile

every smell will make you nauseous

many people will think you’re on vacation

you will get battlemarks

many people will have a piece of advice for you

you”ll get more attention than you ever wanted

real pregnancy will be nothing like in the books

you will get “pregnancy” brains

you’ll realize how many things you took for granted

you will have only one pair of shoes that will fit

you will want to pee more than ever before

there will be only one thing on your mind

you will get scared

you will have problems with mobility

you will have the craziest cravings

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