128 Photos That Will Annoy The Perfectionist In You (New Pics)

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Our brains just love symmetry! So much so that when we see a fine example of things just falling nicely into place just as they should, it satisfies us deep within our souls.

Of course, when we encounter the opposite – the wonky, the askew, the lop-sided – it triggers a vague feeling of discomfort. This reaction is stronger in some than in others, but even those of us who would consider themselves chill about imperfections can get fixated on certain mistakes.

Can’t understand what I mean? Well, as a follow up to previous efforts here and here, Bored Panda has collected another list of things that aren’t quite right and are sure to set the alarm bells ringing. Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and let us know how they made you feel in the comments!

#1 This Chandelier At A Restaurant I Ate At Bothers Me So Much

Image credits: fluffynuff

So what lies behind this fascination with all things symmetrical? Well, according to an article in HowStuffWorks, it comes from the fact that most objects in the real world are symmetrical. “This is particularly true of nature: the radial symmetry of starfish or flower petals, the symmetrical efficiency of a hexagonal honeycomb, or the uniquely symmetrical crystal patterns of a snowflake,” they write. “In fact asymmetry is often a sign of illness or danger in the natural world.”

#2 How The **** Does This Happen?

Image credits: huuuhuuu

#3 This Stove

Image credits: _A_Pancake_

“And, of course, human beings are symmetrical, at least on the outside (some internal organs like the heart and liver are off-center). Decades of research into sexual attraction have proven that both men and women find symmetrical faces sexier than asymmetrical ones. The leading explanation is that physical symmetry is an outward sign of good health, although large-scale studies have shown no significant health differences in people with symmetrical or asymmetrical faces.”

“The simple explanation for our attraction to symmetry is that it’s familiar. Symmetrical objects and images play by the rules that our brains are programmed to recognize easily.”

#4 Do I Even Have To Say Anything

Image credits: Negative1Rainbowz

#5 At My Closest Train Station. I Think I Need To Move

Image credits: timmah11

In an essay called The Symmetrical Universe, Alan Lightman, American physicist, writer, and author of The Accidental Universe: The World You Thought You Knew, writes:

“Symmetry leads to economy, and nature, like human beings, seem to prefer economy. If we think of nature as a vast ongoing experiment, constantly trying out different possibilities of design, then those designs that cost the least energy or that require the fewest different parts to come together at the right time will take precedence, just as the principle of natural selection says that organisms with the best ability to survive will dominate over time.”

#6 The Two Ends Of The Red Line

Image credits: XerneraC

#7 Meanwhile In Supermarket

So try to relax whilst perusing this list – your sense of discomfort or even anger at the asymmetry of things is fully justified, and is an appropriate human reaction to these design outrages. Good symmetry is good organization and our brains are hardwired to appreciate that!

#8 This Neighborhood I Saw On Google Maps Really Hits Me Hard

Image credits: zyyye

#9 Why Write The ‘S’ Like That? The More I Read It, The More It Mildly Infuriates Me

Image credits: Yawheyy

#10 911 – I’d Like To Report A Crime

Image credits: quinntoye

#11 Okay What The Hell

Image credits: RandomRunningRobot

#12 I Am Forced To Look At This Every Time I Get Up

Image credits: rwhereemy

#13 Why Not “Intense Raspberry”?

Image credits: lukas_ronnberg

#14 Silver Car Ruining Everything

Image credits: jagu_

#15 On Is Red, Off Is Green

Image credits: TheWorldsCollide

#16 I Was High In The Road And Was Not Sure If It Was The Weed Or Not So I Took A Picture For Later

Image credits: pet_sauce_

#17 I Just Noticed Neither The Mirror, Nor The Lighting Fixture, Are Centered With The Sink Faucet In This Hotel Room

Image credits: kyooks

#18 Someone Thought It Would Be Funny To Do This At The Corner Of Every Page Of This Notebook

Image credits: asdfghjklsofia

#19 My Grandfather Doesn’t Peel The Plastic Off Of Anything And Won’t Let Me Peel It Off. I’m About To Have A Heart Attack

Image credits: technicalidiot

#20 Looked Down During My Shower Today. Can’t Unsee It Now

Image credits: kingramses51

#21 That. One. Pole.

Image credits: J_Swan1315

#22 Grandma’s Basket Lid’s Knob Was Off-Centered

Image credits: UnholyGarlic

#23 Why?

Image credits: icant-chooseone

#24 How These Pipes Were Installed

Image credits: Palifaith

#25 Not Only Is The First Light Different, The Last Lights Fixture Is Upside Down

Image credits: lepric

#26 Iowa Has 99 Counties. It Could Have An Even 100 If Not For This Monstrosity

Image credits: ihatewinter

#27 It’s Like They Want Me To Have An Aneurysm

Image credits: infinityeoc

#28 You Had One Job

Image credits: ypele

#29 Why?

Image credits: NastyNate675

#30 Why?!

Image credits: s4ltu

#31 Just Re-Pave The Damn Road At This Point

Image credits: zachwilly

#32 This Stripe On My Friend’s Car

Image credits: nick598

#33 I’m Just Gonna Leave That Here

Image credits: ThotExecuter

#34 This Building Where Nothing Lines Up

Image credits: The_Quantum_Moose

#35 My Friend’s New Front Door

Image credits: Ollie_Bosh

#36 When You Play The Sims But Forget To Rotate

Image credits: orangejuice1234

#37 I’m Literally Screaming Inside

Image credits: honny78

#38 I Really Can’t Wrap My Head Around This

Image credits: TehsSuop

#39 The Door On This House

Image credits: Greenskeeper37

#40 The Way My Mom Watches TV With Things Obscuring The Screen

Image credits: eharsh87

#41 This Building’s Towers

Image credits: reddit.com

#42 The Battery On This Notebook

Image credits: Ceapa-Cool

#43 This Teacher Doesn’t Erase The Board Fully And Continues To Use It

Image credits: Nemo4200

#44 The Way This Pizza Has Been Cut

Image credits: nelldog

#45 Noticed These Baseball Fields On A Flight Into Phoenix

Image credits: reddit.com

#46 If I Could Not See Them At The Same Time I Would Not Care

Image credits: Hache42

#47 My Friend Just Finished A Kitchen Remodel

Image credits: SirCadwaladr

#48 Horrible Cutout

Image credits: Imnotalreadydeadyet

#49 Askew Angles

Image credits: sugardoggy

#50 My Sister Cut A Cake And I’m About To Kill Her

Image credits: urmumgay69420killme

#51 The Way These Dice Are Packed Really Annoys Me

Image credits: Fehrnovic2

#52 New Acoustic Foam Just Put Up In My School

Image credits: Trk-Z4cst3r

#53 These Lights

Image credits: D3TROIT40oz248

#54 Just Saw This Monstrosity In My Car

Image credits: CorgiLover129

#55 An Otherwise Perfect Australian Cricket Team Photo Ruined By A Pair Of Black Shoes

Image credits: wickedbabaganoush

#56 Why Don’t They Just Cut Off The Little Corners?!

Image credits: GoldenPandaMRW

#57 When The Robo Vacuum Ruins Its Perfect Track Lines Retuning To Base

Image credits: matthewbronk

#58 Do I Need To Say Why

Image credits: Cornycandycorns

#59 This Clear Window Amongst The Tinted Ones

Image credits: Boomer258

#60 This Apartment Building

Image credits: reddit.com

#61 The Man On The Bathroom Sign Has One Armpit That Is Higher Than The Other

Image credits: DeluxePizzaNoOlives

#62 My Fellow Office Workers

Image credits: toomanymarbles83

#63 How My Step Dad Decided To Close A Box Of Cereal After Eating Edibles Last Night

Image credits: LocusAintBad

#64 People Whose Desktops Look Like This

Image credits: momoneymomorrison

#65 When Teachers Do This

Image credits: Hayden_MS

#66 I Have Clearly Married A Monster

Image credits: MichaellaJane

#67 My Son’s New Dish Set

Image credits: sandyish

#68 All Three Of My Purple Sharpies Have Completely Different Colors

Image credits: Darwin322

#69 This Tile Has Been Installed Wrong

Image credits: Man-City

#70 Well You’re Not Wrong

Image credits: BerendjD

#71 The Way My Grandmother Eats Pizza

Image credits: novoivittu

#72 Why?

Image credits: clone_ib75

#73 I Put The Manhole Cover Back, Boss

Image credits: Tombombleron

#74 Loose Brick Replaced By A Different Colour, While The Original Is Right There At The Bottom

Image credits: down_vote_magnet

#75 This Pizza Ad

Image credits: Juffin

#76 The Tiles In My Hotel Bathroom

Image credits: Jackasoarusrex

#77 This Shirt

Image credits: reddit.com

#78 These Christmas Kit Kats. The Design Doesn’t Let You Break Them, I Had To Eat Them Like A Neanderthal

Image credits: Brokenlite099

#79 I Thought This Baseball Wall Art Was Cool Until I Noticed

Image credits: Thedaveabides98

#80 Cut It Wrong. I Think They

Image credits: Astorphobis

#81 But How?

Image credits: yeetrus1842

#82 This Football Field

Image credits: chillinwalrus

#83 Why Choc-O-Gator When It Could Be Choc-O-Dile?!

Image credits: sallysallybobally

#84 The Way That The Lights Are Placed On My Ceiling

Image credits: king_Lonely

#85 Preth Any Button

Image credits: huck002

#86 This Scrabble Wrapping Paper

Image credits: Samnmax95

#87 This Window And Roof

Image credits: _WillWorkForWork

#88 The Screen On My Calculator Is Slightly Tilted

Image credits: AndrewDevs

#89 My OCD Capsules

Image credits: Rioting0nline

#90 Found This In Louisiana

Image credits: ctophu

#91 The Placement Of Her Fork

Image credits: odkfn

#92 My Window Isn’t Centered On My Ceiling

Image credits: hamtheasinine

#93 Great Work

Image credits: _default_settings

#94 This Map’s Color Palette

Image credits: Dockie27

#95 They Presharpened The Wrong End Of My Red Pencil

Image credits: jkxlol

#96 This Font Hurts Me

Image credits: minypockets

#97 Ended Up Putting Pepper In My Pasta… Why Is The Pepper White And The Salt Black?!

Image credits: Tetraazidomethane

#98 Eenie, Meenie, Miney… No

Image credits: DrFroggie

#99 Why Must You Do This To Me?

Image credits: Redkore_

#100 Just.. Why? Isn’t This More Work To Install?

Image credits: Toobis

#101 A Soccer Field I Spotted While Flying My Drone Around

Image credits: Dasgerman1984

#102 “Aren’t These Suppose To Be All Caps Jim?” Nah

Image credits: dashodie

#103 Filled Up The Smoke Generator For The Patrouille De France, Boss

Image credits: Silencement

#104 Universal Orlando In The Main Entrance. Gets Me Every Time

Image credits: series40special

#105 Put That Sign In Windows, Boss

Image credits: Adan714

#106 Replaced The Missing Tile Good As New

Image credits: canofpotatoes

#107 It’s Now An Icybelc Lane I Guess

Image credits: LordStarcabbage

#108 Finished Laying The Bricks, Boss

Image credits: TheRealClyde1

#109 This Bench Is Truly Amazing

Image credits: locotojtoj4

#110 Light’s Installed Boss

Image credits: slightlyintoout

#111 Why Aren’t You Symmetrical

Image credits: timbowsplice

#112 The Lamps At The Evelyn Hotel Are Infuriating

Image credits: YouRabblerousingKids

#113 Asked For 3” Off She Cut Off 5”. Come Home To Find Out It Isn’t Even Straight Or Even.

Image credits: madronacreek

#114 Thanks, I Hate It

Image credits: Dionne94

#115 This Is Where The Tile Meets The Carpet In My Apartment’s Clubhouse

Image credits: BrewsTravelers365

#116 Why? Why?

Image credits: norro58

#117 Why? Just… Why?

Image credits: beosronlto

#118 Why Would You Go Out Of Your Way To Do This? Why?

Image credits: PleaseNinja

#119 What The Actual Mother ******* **** Is This *******

Image credits: Blake262626

#120 How Can Someone [Screw] Up Like This?

Image credits: el_phaba

#121 [Screw] This One Locker In Particular

Image credits: LightninMcQuade

#122 Well Done

Image credits: usukablyat

#123 Looks Like It Fits

Image credits: ImDJGolden

#124 When You Order A Pizza During Finals Week In A College Town

Image credits: MellamaRich

#125 Sidewalk’s Done

Image credits: Supa66

#126 This Hotel Kills Me Uuugggh

Image credits: OJILOBOS

#127 All Of The Lights Are Off

Image credits: discountdeschanel

#128 This Out Of Place M&m At The Store In Times Square

Image credits: squidyword

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