127 Dogs Sleeping In The Most Awkward And Funny Positions

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We’ve all seen a puppy, worn out from exploring but not yet able to admit it, trying desperately to stay alert whilst struggling to keep its little brown eyes from closing. The blinks slow right down, lasting longer and longer while its head slowly droops, perhaps a tongue will come rolling out of the mouth and then finally… plop. Puppy goes to sleep right there and then.

The consequence of this tendency to doze off on the spot is that dogs can often be found fast asleep in the strangest places and positions – sometimes you just scratch your head and think “how can that possibly be comfortable?” As someone that can’t even properly sleep on a plane, I wish I could find a place to crash as easily as this!

This list, compiled by Bored Panda, celebrates the weird and wonderful ways that dogs choose to snooze. From squoosh-face siestas to nonchalant naps, these pups just don’t give a damn! Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and share your own pics in the comments!

#1 This Dog Is Sleeping Happilyfunny-dog-sleeping-positions-4-5d5f8e748bf91__700.jpg"/>

Image credits: recreationAtion

#2 My Buddy’s Dog Sleeping On The Mule Steering Wheel

Image credits: highimallaudin

#3 This Guy Chilling With His Dog In London

Image credits: Guygan

#4 Hyperlaxity Power Enabled

Image credits: lifonaut

#5 Long

Image credits: smilkcake

#6 Puppy Warming Its Paws

Image credits: formight

#7 I’m Done Trying To Figure This Dog Out

Image credits: atrimarco

#8 Nap Time

Image credits: vividlee

#9 His Reflection Is The Greatest

Image credits: floydthebarb3r

#10 My Dog Can’t Get Gravity Right

Image credits: soniakaponia

#11 In Case You Need Something To Brighten Your Day, Here’s A Picture Of My Dog Sleeping

Image credits: cadencecleo

#12 Weird Sleeping Position#13 Does Anybody Else’s Dog Sleep Like This?

Image credits: GeorgiaLAX

#14 My Cousin Sent Me A Picture Of Her Dog Sleeping

Image credits: probmatic

#15 We Told Our Dog She Couldn’t Sleep Up On The Couch

Image credits: blacksunrize

#16 My Dog Will Sleep In Any Position. Apparently This Is Comfortable

Image credits: CommodoreGonzo

#17 My Brother’s Dog Is Pregnant, And This Is How She Sleeps

Image credits: CallABondulance

#18 The Most Chill Pup Ever

Image credits: lynda k kierans

#19 Dog Park Experience Exceeds Expectations

Image credits: losper

#20 My Golden Retriever Likes To Sleep Under The Toilet

Image credits: ImQueative

#21 This Frenchie Puppy Sleeps Anywhere #22 He Was Snoring Too

Image credits: EnglishLFC

#23 This Is What Nap Time Looks Like In Our House

Image credits: doctordrayday

#24 Weird. My Rescued Spanish Greyhound Sleeps Like This

Image credits: pinkilevinki

#25 Actually This Sleeping Position Looks Quite Comfortable#26 This Is Leela. She Sleeps Like This. It Just Ain’t Right

Image credits: HaveAMap

#27 My Dog Dreams Of Becoming An Olympic Diver

Image credits: TheBestAtWhatIDo

#28 This Is How She Sleeps

Image credits: therealpaningning

#29 It Was Slightly Unsettling To Look Back And Find My Dog Sleeping Like This

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 I Call This Tetris Murph

Image credits: drop_fred_gorgeous

#31 Bae Caught Me Sleeping

Image credits: RawberrySportcake

#32 My Aunt’s Wiener Dog Fell Asleep While Begging

Image credits: AUX1_Dub

#33 Any Idea What’s Wrong With My Dog?

Image credits: overtheedg3

#34 I Think My Dog Is Broken

Image credits: Soulrebel84

#35 Neighbor’s Dogs Having A Nap In My Garage

Image credits: turbojammer

#36 The Most Comfortable Way To Take A Nap

Image credits: milcientoonce

#37 She Decided To Sleep Like This

Image credits: ConnardDeBase

#38 My Dog Fell Asleep Like This

Image credits: sarahdanyell

#39 So My Friend’s Dog Fell Asleep With Her Face In Her Bowl

Image credits: yayadee17

#40 She Sleeps Like A Princess

Image credits: BigPheel

#41 “Please Read Instructions Carefully When Assembling Your New Dog From IKEA”

Image credits: deathakissaway

#42 My Dog Doesn’t Know How To Sleep Properly, Help

Image credits: Scoopity_Woops

#43 This Is How She Sleeps

Image credits: omgpeachsnapple

#44 Well, That’s A Weird Way To Sleep

Image credits: StewPaddasso

#45 I’m So Tired

Image credits: vz77

#46 This Is How My Dog Sleeps

Image credits: dogprobs

#47 She Sleeps In Very Odd Positions

Image credits: Poached_Polyps

#48 This Is How My Dog Is Sleeping Right Now

Image credits: Carbman

#49 Found Our Dog Sleeping Like This

Image credits: ska69sd

#50 This Is Ralph. Ralph Likes To Nap

Image credits: wolfgangamadeusme

#51 Ollie Only Sleeps Under Chairs

Image credits: SteeVeeJoe

#52 She Slept Like This

Image credits: HighlanderHarris

#53 My New Puppy Likes To Play Dead When He Naps

Image credits: imjustagirl66

#54 My Sister’s Dog, Sleeping Comfortably

Image credits: ItsToka

#55 She Likes To Hold Her Feet When She Sleeps

Image credits: Nosleepgaythoughts

#56 He Sleeps In The Weirdest Positions

Image credits: Theshivinator1

#57 I’m A Zombie, Feed Me Brains… But First, A Nap

Image credits: TheLunkel

#58 My Great Dane Is The Headless Horse Dog When He Sleeps

Image credits: nightmancometh0419

#59 We Were Playing And He Just Fell Asleep Chewing On His Own Leg

Image credits: lilly_willy

#60 Golden Boy Doin’ A Sleep

Image credits: SuntoryWhisky

#61 My Friend’s Dog Fell Asleep Like This

Image credits: fehaar

#62 Little Guy Got Tired After A Long Day Of Errands

Image credits: smwegner

#63 Nap Time

Image credits: chung92

#64 He Decided To Sleep Like This

Image credits: drbuttjob

#65 Pupper Does A Good Sleep

Image credits: clarefreshener

#66 Stretchy Boy Takes A Good Deserved Nap

Image credits: ThelittestADG

#67 Rare Pupper Who Likes To Nap. Bonus Points For The Very Long Neck

Image credits: lovevoltaireusapart_

#68 I Pushed My Dog Out Of The Seat So I Could Sleep During A Road-Trip, My Wife Took This Picture While I Slept

Image credits: Id_Quote_That

#69 My GF’s Dog Likes To Sleep On My Lap And Constantly Fart In My Face…

Image credits: Hammelicious

#70 Carlos The Dog Taking A Cat Nap

Image credits: dalpert623

#71 My Dog Loves To Sleep On The Stairs Instead Of His Bed

Image credits: HydraInc

#72 Sleep Mode: Derp

Image credits: odd_pickle

#73 Found My Dog Asleep Like This

Image credits: ssuu6

#74 My Dog Fell Asleep In A Weird Position

Image credits: digital_cake

#75 My Dog Sleeps In My Butt

Image credits: imgur.com

#76 This Is One Of The Ways My Parents Old Dog Sleeps

Image credits: reddit.com

#77 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie…

Image credits: racanipe

#78 Found This Dude Sleeping In A Pet Shop

Image credits: PenguinAsociation

#79 Got A Mini Schnauzer Pup. This Is How He Sleeps

Image credits: zissou12

#80 Ahh, Time For A Nap In The Most Comfortable Possible Position

Image credits: hermanbigot

#81 There’s Only 1 Way To Nap

Image credits: turbo911gt3

#82 We Have These Two For A While Now. I Think One Of Them Is Starting To Malfunction. Sleep.exe Has Encountered An Error

Image credits: Dudacle

#83 We Have 2 Normal Dogs And Then… Phoebe. Who Can Only Sleep Like This

Image credits: Natamonstar24

#84 My Brother Was Concerned About How Theodore Sleeps

Image credits: bigsquirrel

#85 Just Need A Quick Nap

Image credits: GrandmasterBow

#86 This Is Maisey. She Fell Asleep Mid-Excavation. Happens To The Best Of Us

Image credits: crazyMCH

#87 My Sister’s Pupper Doing Himself A Nap

Image credits: Portablelephant

#88 My Co-Worker Is Blind And He Brings His Guide Dog To Work Every Day. This Is How The Dog Sleeps

Image credits: belchior_lives

#89 My Dog Learned How To Sleep From My Wife

Image credits: gunsmokeV2

#90 How The Dogs Used To Sleep On The Sofa, Definitely A Good Move Getting A Bigger Sofa

Image credits: AmberJay1995

#91 I Just Looked Outside And My Dog Was Sleeping Like This

Image credits: harenj

#92 This Is How My Friend’s Bulldog Sleeps

Image credits: SignHere______X_____

#93 When You Aren’t Allowed On The Furniture But You Want To Nap Anyway

Image credits: smokethis1st

#94 A Sound Sleep

Image credits: PlasmaWarrior

#95 This Is How Fergus Sleeps

Image credits: bd42

#96 Churro Sleeps Wherever He “Fits”

Image credits: amigo1016

#97 Kick Your Feet Up And Take A Nap

Image credits: Kairatechop

#98 Not The First Time I’ve Seen Him Sleep Like This

Image credits: Ostrantula

#99 That’s Weird How My Dog Sleep

Image credits: tajcek

#100 My Dog Sleep-Planking

Image credits: 1622

#101 Nap Time

Image credits: Aristacattical

#102 She Sleeps Whenever, Wherever

Image credits: krisc12

#103 Ever Since She Got Her New Blanket For Christmas She Will Sleep In Any Position As Long As She’s On The Blanket

Image credits: cwillmassey

#104 She Likes To Sleep With Her Bottom Off The Ground

Image credits: druncanshaw

#105 Beau Is 4-Months-Old And Falls Asleep In Very Strange Positions. Somehow This Seems To Be Comfortable

Image credits: Grumpy-Insomniac

#106 Licking Carpet In His Sleep

Image credits: rlprice74

#107 My Dog Sleeps In A Really Weird Position

Image credits: maxxxxxxzzz

#108 Took My Dog On Vacation And Started Letting Him Sleep In The Bed… I’d Say He’s Enjoying Himself

Image credits: sstr677

#109 This Is How My Girlfriend’s Dog Sleeps

Image credits: derelicked

#110 Naps Are The Greatest

Image credits: Emcarp13

#111 The Way Our Puppy Sleeps

Image credits: Sendirian

#112 Computer Sleep

Image credits: Plumtato

#113 He Loves To Sleep Like This On His Beanbag Chair

Image credits: guitarbee

#114 Silly Dog Doesn’t Know How To Sleep

Image credits: djscribblescrabble

#115 This Is How She Lays On Every Car Trip We Take

Image credits: whosejuice

#116 He Sleeps Like This All The Time

Image credits: aero528

#117 This Is How She Sleeps

Image credits: SummaryExecutions

#118 My Friend Got A Pup And Our Play Date Took Him Down

Image credits: suthy708

#119 The Comfiest Way To Nap

Image credits: HeavyontheIce

#120 This Pup’s Motto: Play Hard, Sleep Harder

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#121 “Let Me Just Use My Hard Ceramic Bowl As A Pillow While I Sleep In My Large Soft Bed”

Image credits: canned-bread-430

#122 Nice Summer Sleep

Image credits: uziel_est

#123 My Dog Always Sleeps In A Potato Position

Image credits: Wee-Taku

#124 Sometimes You Just Gotta Go To Sleep

Image credits: Dabokbleef

#125 After A Long Weekend Of Camping, This Is How My Dog Chose To Sleep On The Way Home

Image credits: adalab

#126 My Good Boy Taking The Hardest Nap After A Long Walk

Image credits: RooRooGoo

#127 Heard Snoring From The Bathroom, Found Him Passed Out Like This

Image credits: Smackvein

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