Hardly a week goes by here where we don’t hear a rumor about some Konami IP being resurrected for the modern era, only to find that it’s just another anniversary collection, half-assed mobile port or, worse yet, casino game. Meanwhile, the Castlevania anime series is a huge hit on Netflix,Read More →

Since Cousin Redd arrived with the April update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players have uncovered there’s something not quite right about the artwork he sells. While some of the paintings and statues are genuine works of art, you’ll quickly discover that many are fakes with missing features or oddRead More →

Sentinel Batteries are one of the most important collectibles in Doom Eternal because they’re used to open the various chambers in your Fortress of Doom hub. These chambers contain Doom Slayer skins, Praetor Suit Upgrades, secrets, and more. Not every level has Sentinel Batteries, but for those that do, we’veRead More →

IGN’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons strategy guide includes everything you need to know about crafting, gaining Nook Miles, and earning money (bells) so you can expand your house, unlock everything, upgrade facilities/shops, and get more residents (villagers) to join your island. This ACNH guide will help you get the most outRead More →