We made it, fellow cuteness lovers. This marks the 100th week of ‘Dose of Cuteness’, a gift to you from yours truly.  We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed all the cuteness up until now and as a reward we will continue to provide you with your weekly dose.  Every Tuesday, weRead More →

We know animals are pure and all things they do are pretty heckin’ wholesome, so it’s always amazing to hear stories about the pure and wholesome humans who go out of there way to help an animal.  It’s people like these that make us glad to be human. Sometimes, goodnessRead More →

Huzzah! It’s another delicious cat medley segment!  We’ve got quite the treat for you! 26 cats were pulled from the most up-voted cat pictures on the popular subreddit r/cats from the past week and it’s been a really good cat week filled with funnies, adorable-ness, glow-ups and birthdays!  We can’tRead More →

Ready to smile? Each week we are featuring the newly adopted pets of the week! Is there a lovelier sight than an animal being adopted?! We wholeheartedly thank those who have adopted, providing animals with a loving, comfortable, and warm home. There’s literally nothing better.  For those of you whoRead More →

The reputation of graffiti is not what it used to be. Once viewed as a nuisance and a sign of crime and social degeneracy, more and more cities are taking a new approach by putting up welcome areas for street art, or commissioning artists who are proficient with spray paintRead More →