Elizabeth Warren is definitely all about transparency … in that we can see right through her: Warren has no plans to release tax returns from before she entered public service in 2008, including from the years when she had corporate clients, @misyrlena reports. Biden has put out 21 years. ButtigiegRead More →

We’ve all seen a puppy, worn out from exploring but not yet able to admit it, trying desperately to stay alert whilst struggling to keep its little brown eyes from closing. The blinks slow right down, lasting longer and longer while its head slowly droops, perhaps a tongue will comeRead More →

#1 “I Have Two Of Those In My Kitchen” Image credits: Dovydas Skarolskis #2 Even The Oven Is Like Why Are You Doing This To Me???? Image credits: pleasehatethesethings #3 What If They Get Divorced? Image credits: Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia There’s nothing that says bon appétit like a train-wreckRead More →