A group of inmates at a jail in downtown St. Louis broke windows, set fire to objects they threw out those windows, and chanted, “We wanna go to court” on Sunday night. The actions were characterized by at least one ally as an “uprising,” and the protest is reportedly relatedRead More →

A video shared to a Reddit subreddit group dedicated to bad “Karen” behavior shows a woman getting into a young store employee’s face, screaming about her medical condition. The video, shared on the r/FuckYouKaren subreddit by redditor u/ShadowKirby, was titled, “My friend had the privilege of dealing with a KarrenRead More →

Be still our beating hearts! Don’t think we’ve ever come across a smiling squirrel before! In the past, we have come across a rescue squirrel who holds a miniature teddy bear, however! This lovely critter is named Claudia and she is the most thankful squirrel we’ve ever come across. It’sRead More →