Did you know dogs dream too? They just like humans have the ability to dream while they sleep, it is very likely that they remember what they did the day before and the most important thing about their day is reflected in their dreams. When a dog rings many timesRead More →

My six-month-old Cav was quiet. He had just been desexed and I checked on him and saw this. How the heck did that happen? More The post Suspiciously Quiet Pup Stuck in Pet Cone appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Read more: viralviralvideos.com

Arrived at our cabin in Gatlinburg. Not even 5 minutes after parking, the bear made its way up to the truck. He smelled our groceries! And then snatched my bacon! Lol! He was a cub and very calm. He followed me to the front door but then walked away. HeRead More →

During a vaccination in Dulig Elementary School, a six-year-old boy, Francis, conquered his fear by singing ‘I love you baby’ while being vaccinated, making the people watching him happy. Despite being so afraid, he subjected himself to vaccination. He knows how to divert his fear to face the situation byRead More →

As we’ve reported quite a few times Tuesday, members of Congress have introduced articles of impeachment against President Trump several times already; but when Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a 5 p.m. press conference to announce a formal impeachment inquiry into the president, it was like a countdown for the TrumpRead More →

There was a huge spill of some sort of mud or sludge in the left lane of 195 interstate. This caused an accident between a taxi and pick up truck a few feet after the spill. Oncoming drivers were unaware of the accident and spill and hit the spill atRead More →