Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds has cashed in on the viral backlash against Peloton by hiring the woman in its recent ad to promote his gin company. Peloton’s holiday commercial for its stationary exercise bike has been receiving widespread criticism over the past week for being out-of-touch, earning more than 17,000Read More →

Former vegan social media influencer Alyse Parker is experiencing a harsh backlash from followers after she announced that she followed the “carnivore diet” for 30 days—a plan that entails only eating animal products.  View this post on Instagram By this point, you probably know that I looove trying new things,Read More →

The holidays are loaded with awkward, hilarious, and sometimes downright uncomfortable family interactions, something that Merry Happy Whatever takes full advantage of. The Netflix sitcom follows Emmy (Bridgit Mendler), Emmy’s family, and her boyfriend Matt (Brent Morin), who are home in the Philadelphia suburbs for Christmas.    Merry Happy WhateverRead More →

Netflix’s Broken is a hard-hitting documentary series exploring—and exposing—corruption and unethical behavior in key consumer industries. From makeup fraud that sees people putting actual poison on their faces to furniture companies that know their products are unsafe but do very little to fix them, Broken highlights key safety risks theRead More →

In some seasons, a New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons prime-time matchup on Thanksgiving would be a hotly anticipated showdown. This year, not so much. Despite some close games and a recent unexpected loss, the Saints remain at the top of the NFC South at 9-2. This year, Drew BreesRead More →

Business is evolving, and more careers exist completely online. As a result, the way businesses approach the internet is changing. Websites and apps like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok dominate most conversations, and advertisers and brands are noticing. Influencers working to expand their reach are searching for better ways to utilizeRead More →

Keanu Reeves is an iconic actor. Moreover, he’s an almost mystical figure in pop culture, one that is loved by all and garners even more public fascination and adoration than the average A-lister. From video game cameos to blockbuster franchises, Reeves can truly do it all. Even Marvel wants himRead More →

Another week, another TikTok challenge. This latest trend will bring out your inner magician. Tori Pareno, a Los Angeles-based content creator, posted a TikTok video that creates an optical illusion to appear as if her hands are magically passing through one another. “Here’s something trippy for your night lol,” theRead More →