The collaboration that defines 2019 is here and it features teen climate activist Greta Thunberg. British DJ Fatboy Slim mixed Greta Thunberg’s memorable United Nation’s speech over his famous 1999 track “Right Here, Right Now” during a live show. According to the Guardian, the mashup first appeared on social media inRead More →

One result of the recent rise in anti-trans campaigning has been the rash of cis women targeted and subjected to harassment as a result. Whether it’s because they’re gender non-conforming in style, or the viewer considers their natural physical features too masculine, these women have been chased out of public toiletsRead More →

A redditor, who is in his 30s, turned to the relationship advice subreddit after he got grounded by his father-in-law. It all started at the dinner table. He and his wife were eating dinner with her parents–who they were visiting on vacation–when his phone rang. “I had to take aRead More →

Parts of the Amazon are engulfed in flames—spelling trouble for the whole world, which receives 20% of its oxygen from the vast forest—but it seems like G7 countries aren’t too concerned by the news. According to BBC News, international leaders of the seven nations that comprise the G7 organization–Canada, France, Germany,Read More →

Landon Rivera, the 19-year-old who created the viral “Beyoncé’s Assistant for A Day” game on Twitter, has just taken his innovative talents to the big leagues. Rivera has partnered with the interactive short-form storytelling app Yarn to launch more pop culture and celebrity-infused games. The latest one? Being Blue Ivy’sRead More →