Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds has cashed in on the viral backlash against Peloton by hiring the woman in its recent ad to promote his gin company. Peloton’s holiday commercial for its stationary exercise bike has been receiving widespread criticism over the past week for being out-of-touch, earning more than 17,000Read More →

The internet’s love for memes is endless. But does its love extend to a meme tattoo that combines the precious Baby Yoda with supermarket star White Claw? That’s a little less clear. Baby Yoda, a younger version of the Star Wars Jedi Master, has been circling Twitter since his debut onRead More →

There’s an abundance of strange but thoroughly excellent content on TikTok, and the latest to arise is a video of a priest performing a baptism. It might not seem strange until you consider that the priest was baptizing… a “Baby Yoda” doll? The video is pure, simple, and aggressively 2019.Read More →

Another week, another TikTok challenge. This latest trend will bring out your inner magician. Tori Pareno, a Los Angeles-based content creator, posted a TikTok video that creates an optical illusion to appear as if her hands are magically passing through one another. “Here’s something trippy for your night lol,” theRead More →

After being roasted for allegedly being rude at her meet-and-greets, fans are now joking about Summer Walker’s appearance at BET’s Soul Train Awards–specifically a photo of Walker that has since been turned into a meme. Fans took a picture of Walker standing awkwardly on the red carpet and are Photoshopping herRead More →

Feminist singer Amanda Palmer is getting dragged on Twitter for criticizing the lack of coverage she has received from the Guardian and other publications. Laura Snapes, the Guardian’s deputy music editor, explained the “bizarre situation” regarding Palmer in a tweet thread on Thursday. “I blocked her years ago, I think we hadRead More →