Business is evolving, and more careers exist completely online. As a result, the way businesses approach the internet is changing. Websites and apps like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok dominate most conversations, and advertisers and brands are noticing. Influencers working to expand their reach are searching for better ways to utilizeRead More →

It’s official: Fortnite’s Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is done with gaming’s live streaming service Twitch. He’s moving on to Microsoft’s Mixer, which has a dress code for teens and adults that feels more appropriate for high school than a live stream gaming website. After Ninja’s announcement, esports consultant Rod “Slasher” Breslau shared Mixer’s clothingRead More →

On Tuesday, female Twitch streamers are raising awareness of the online harassment female gamers face through a day they are dubbing #SlutStreamDay. Two streamers, Kacey “Kaceytron” Kaviness and Isabella “Izzybear713” O’Hammon, are hosting the day, partially devoted to reclaiming the word “slut.” “The idea of #SlutStreamDay is to empower women toRead More →

As the saying goes, a fool and his, uh, expensive gaming console are soon parted. That’s precisely what happened to a hapless kid tricked into destroying his Xbox on Twitch by a MrBeast impersonator. On Sunday evening, Reddit user whatps2 posted to r/LivestreamFail that they had been perusing random streamsRead More →

Last weekend, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dropped into a Twitch fundraising marathon led by Harry “Hbomberguy” Brewis for Mermaids U.K., a trans youth organization under attack by the IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan. But as with all things Ocasio-Cortez, the media seemed to hyper-focus on her every move and not zoom out toRead More →