Elon Musk is not a big fan of the coronavirus lockdown. He’s been making this fact clear to each and every one of his 33.3 million Twitter followers through a series of increasingly demanding tweets. What began as mild commentary on the coronavirus pandemic quickly shifted to insistence for reopeningRead More →

You can now play Cuphead in your Tesla vehicle. To be more specific, you can play Cuphead on Tesla Arcade, which lets you play games on the screen just to the right of a Tesla’s steering wheel. The inclusion of the cartoony, insanely difficult platformer/shoot-em-up comes as part of Tesla’sRead More →

An electric vehicle from Tesla burst into flames in China on Sunday while inside a parking garage. Footage of the incident, captured by a CCTV camera in an underground car park in Shanghai, shows smoke emanating from beneath the Tesla Model S before it’s fully engulfed in fire. Good orRead More →