President Joe Biden is being criticized online for allegedly canceling Operation Talon, an effort from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deport convicted sex offenders in the country illegally. The operation, which was put together in the final weeks of President Donald Trump’s administration, was reportedly shelved in late JanuaryRead More →

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A mariachi band was filmed outside the home of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) as controversy continues to swirl over the lawmaker’s trip to Mexico last week. The footage, posted all across social media over the weekend, shows the band performing Mexican standards like “Cielito Lindo” alongside a small group ofRead More →

Far-right activist and “Stop the Steal” leader Ali Alexander, formerly Ali Akbar, made oblique references on Telegram to QAnon, possibly signaling a dive into the far-right conspiracy theory. On Telegram, Alexander made a lengthy post about the number 17. The number 17 correlates to the 17th letter of the alphabet,Read More →

There are absolutely loads of reasons to consider fitting your home or business with a smart lock, aside from the novelty factor of being able to open your place with your phone or fingerprint. That is a pretty convincing reason, though. By investing in a smart lock, you can greatlyRead More →