The fifth season of Schitt’s Creek dropped on Netflix Thursday, Oct. 10. The first four seasons of the Canadian sensation have been streaming there for a while, and now fans can catch up ahead of the show’s sixth and final season. Though the series has been a favorite among comedy fansRead More →

These days, consuming media is easier and more convenient than ever, thanks to no shortage of streaming services. But unfortunately, those subscription fees tend to add up—especially as more and more companies are throwing their hats into an already overcrowded ring. As such, many people are understandably less than enthusedRead More →

With an entirely new cast, concept, and creative team, The Terror: Infamy is unrelated to The Terror’s cult-hit first season. It shares only a vaguely similar theme: Take a disturbing historical setting and add supernatural horror. Season 1 covered a doomed 19th-century British mission into the Arctic, where characters slowly died fromRead More →

It’s official: Fortnite’s Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is done with gaming’s live streaming service Twitch. He’s moving on to Microsoft’s Mixer, which has a dress code for teens and adults that feels more appropriate for high school than a live stream gaming website. After Ninja’s announcement, esports consultant Rod “Slasher” Breslau shared Mixer’s clothingRead More →

Peppa Pig has become an internet icon, and now the cartoon character has invaded TikTok. More specifically, Peppa Pig figures have been appearing in a series of videos in which users “discover” Peppa and ask, “Peppa, what are you doing in my chocolate?” Know Your Meme traced the trend to toRead More →