Oakland Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict made a vicious hit on a defenseless Colts tight end during Sunday’s game in Indianapolis that led to his being ejected. Vontaze Burfict can’t help himself from dishing out CTE pic.twitter.com/qHPGQUb95K — Barstool Sports (@BarstoolsTweets) September 29, 2019 As noted by NFL.com, this is farRead More →

The NFL season is barely an hour old, and 35-year-old Washington Redskins tight end Vernon Davis is out there doing things like this. DETERMINATION. Vernon Davis is 35 and still doing this (via @thecheckdown) pic.twitter.com/yqMVKymiOF — Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) September 8, 2019 Wow! Vernon Davis with an early frontrunner forRead More →

When you beat the best, you eat the best. And that’s why Louisiana Gov. Jon Bel Edwards served coveted Popeyes chicken sandwiches to the Little League World Champions from Eastbank who visited the mansion today in Baton Rouge: The only place in the world with Popeye’s chicken sandwiches? @LouisianaGov’s mansion,Read More →

Heisman Trophy winner and 1st Round draft pick Kyler Murray is making his debut for the Arizona Cardinals today against the Detroit Lions: Kyler Murray takes the field pic.twitter.com/kkDPTQGH6B — katherine fitzgerald (@kfitz134) September 8, 2019 And. . . It’s not going well. Here is the rookie QB getting sackedRead More →

The professional football league is about to start its new season soon, and you know what that means  — MORE POLITICAL LECTURES! (Okay, fantasy football, but still…) While some are still bleating about Colin Kaepernick not playing the league is still dealing with the fallout from his protesting. With ratingsRead More →

Golfer Gary Woodland won the U.S. Open on Sunday, and he did so using equipment that displayed the American flag. Check out his shoes. Warning: Gary Woodland's shoes will cause "U-S-A" chants pic.twitter.com/32cvw7KVkc — GOLF.com (@GOLF_com) June 16, 2019 And it wasn’t just his shoes. Thank you @CDWCorp for theRead More →