J.K. Rowling is at it again. Has she ever considered the possibility of, like, not tweeting? Just wondering… Related: Emma Watson Supports Transgender Community After Rowling’s Tweets Anyways, the famed Harry Potter author has once again taken to Twitter to clarify and explain her stance on LGBT issues — namely, transgender rights —Read More →

Yet another big scandal going down in the beauty industry right now… and this one is all over social media, too! This time, the target is Beautycon, and specifically the company’s embattled chief executive officer, Moj Mahdara. A new anonymous Instagram account, @BeautyconnedbyMoj, has popped up, and it features alleged ex-employees of the companyRead More →

OMG! This is crazy! Kellyanne Conway, the adviser and sometimes-media spokesperson to Donald Trump, is fighting with her 15-year-old daughter right now after the girl has been posting anti-Trump things on her TikTok account. Not long ago, on Friday afternoon, 15-year-old Claudia appears to have recorded a fight the two had with herRead More →

Singer Duffy is pleading her case right to the top, begging Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to remove the sexually explicit film 365 Days from streaming due to its glorification of rape and sex trafficking. First, for the uninitiated — what the eff is 365 Days?? Well, you may not have seen a ton of trailersRead More →

What do people leave bad restaurant reviews for? Many reasons may be to blame, some legit, some not so much. But one guy who “really enjoyed the food and service” got upset about something entirely different. It turns out, his waiter’s shirt, which read “hi. don’t be racist. thanks.” wasRead More →

Is this that “fake news” Donald Trump is always talking about? A damning new report is out asserting New York Police Department higher-ups reportedly cooked up that infamous story about officers getting “poisoned” by Shake Shack milkshakes in Manhattan. All this according to the New York Post, who now reports the trio of copsRead More →