A newly released video shows a homeless Black man being fatally shot by San Clemente police after being stopped for jaywalking. The incident, which occurred in September of 2020, is further highlighting the crisis of hyper-racialized interactions between the police and Black people and the outcomes of military veterans. The newly releasedRead More →

A doorbell camera video shared to Reddit this week shows police allegedly barging into a residence in the Atlanta metro area. Posted to Reddit’s popular r/PublicFreakout page by u/thedisapprovingballs, the footage shows a brief conversation between DeKalb County police and a woman that comes to answer her door. The video was recordedRead More →

A TikTok video showing a K-9 officer joking about marijuana is stirring debate online given the public’s growing opposition to the drug war. David Ackerman, an explosives detection expert from Farmington Hills, Michigan, is a popular social media user known for videos featuring his canine partner, Shiloh. The pair currentlyRead More →

A video trending on Reddit’s popular r/PublicFreakout page shows police coming to a defensive Karen‘s house over her threatening social media post saying she would trespass and trash the property of a county commissioner.  The brief incident serves as a reminder that whatever people post online holds potential consequences, includingRead More →

A now-viral video seemingly shows Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) failing to applaud Capitol officer Eugene Goodman as fellow lawmakers give him a standing ovation in the Senate chamber. The Senate unanimously passed legislation to award Goodman with a Congressional Gold Medal on Friday, and he was present during the announcement. It occurredRead More →

This article contains content regarding suicide. A Black police officer in Louisiana reportedly filmed himself speaking out about police brutality and racism before dying by suicide on Monday. Clyde Kerr III, a 43-year-old father and military veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, died by suicide outside of the LafayetteRead More →