On Thursday, Newsweek published a wildly premature report about what President Trump was doing on Thanksgiving. The story said that Trump would be spending the day in south Florida “tweeting, golfing and more.” After that came reports indicating that the president had, in fact, traveled to Afghanistan to visit U.S.]]Read More →

For weeks now we have endured the pedantic calls for the impeachment of President Trump because of the way he strong-armed an allied nation. He “threatened” Ukraine 8 times! (That story disappeared.) He leveraged a quid pro quo! (What happened to that accusation?) He forced a country to investigate aRead More →

Video from many years ago showing now Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing in a college video had Newsweek trying to assist with the “conservatives pounce” spin: Conservatives mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for college dancing video, everyone else thinks it's adorable https://t.co/4RY4cQcrCt pic.twitter.com/AEpCMtSfKd — Newsweek (@Newsweek) January 3, 2019 The problem was thatRead More →