Singer Duffy is pleading her case right to the top, begging Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to remove the sexually explicit film 365 Days from streaming due to its glorification of rape and sex trafficking. First, for the uninitiated — what the eff is 365 Days?? Well, you may not have seen a ton of trailersRead More →

TikTok is bringing people together! Outer Banks actress Madison Bailey has confirmed her new relationship, and it’s all thanks to the social media app! The Netflix star is dating Mariah Linney, a basketball player at UNC Charlotte, and they couldn’t be any sweeter together!! Related: Brian Austin Green Grabs Lunch With CourtneyRead More →

Wow, Netflix is kind of a downer this month! Even when it says hello it’s saying goodbye! That’s because two of the biggest premieres are also the final seasons! First there’s the big, tearful farewell of Fuller House on June 2, then the last reason from 13 Reasons Why on June 5. Not onlyRead More →