MSNBC host Chris Matthews announced his retirement on Monday just days after a GQ article accused him of “sexist comments and behavior.” The Hardball host reported his retirement on live TV and apologized for the comments he’s made in the past. “Compliments on a women’s appearance that some men, includingRead More →

Donald Trump’s critics have yet to prove conclusively that he’s a Russian asset, but this from MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance may be the most convincing argument we’ve heard to date: More from the Daily Beast: Citing reporting by The Guardian, Nance said that there were indicators that Trump had beenRead More →

Leave it to Joy Reid to remind us all that Democrats are absolutely CLUELESS about what it means if Trump is somehow magically impeached. Clueless and outright insane. Seriously. They don’t seem to understand they can’t just impeach Pence because they feel like it; granted, that’s the main reason they’reRead More →

Apparently there have been some differing opinions on Fox News of late, and the New York Times found that newsworthy, not to mention mock-worthy: As Fox News’s anchors covered President Trump and the impeachment inquiry this week, they found themselves clashing — with their own colleagues, on-air in full publicRead More →