How to Earn Money with Fewer Efforts: Freelance Is Coming What does it mean to be employed? Waking up way too early to make your way to the office on time. Crowded office rooms with loud chit-chats. Meetings, tasks, and always grumpy bosses. Long hours doing the same monotonous work,Read More →

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have both taken issue with Bill Gates’ apparent reluctance to fork over all his money to the government in the form of a wealth tax. Bill Gates on a wealth tax: "I've paid over $10 billion in taxes. I've paid more than anyone in taxes.Read More →

The Biden 2020 campaign seems to be running into some financial difficulties because Joe’s campaign has asked supporters to “dig deep”: NEW: In a confidential memo, Biden’s campaign urges top bundlers to “dig deep” seeking to contain fallout from being in 5th place in cash on hand. — Biden flipsRead More →

On “Portlandia,” star Carrie Brownstein frequently poked fun at goofy lefty hippie types. But in real life, she’s apparently one of them. I don't understand why we don't call this hoarding. The obeisance to unchecked capitalism and materialism is a mental illness. These billionaires are hoarding money, objects, influence, andRead More →

Elizabeth Warren took time out of her busy schedule pretending she was once fired for being pregnant while also being an oppressed Native American to lay out her plan for getting ‘big money’ out of politics. She wrote an entire thread about it … Corruption in Washington is holding backRead More →